More and more people are deciding to buy a standalone security camera, which, among other features, makes it easy to find out what’s going on at home while you’re away. Xiaomi launched a new model with many advantages such as being able to be used outdoors without any problems.

This is possible, because the model we are talking about is called Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200, it has IP65 certification. This allows you withstand the rain a little (and dust doesn’t overly affect it either). I’ve also been able to work in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 50 degrees due to the build quality, so it’s totally usable outdoors in both winter and summer.

Another positive aspect of this model is that it offers full compatibility with all models. voice assistants The most used today, as in the Google market and Amazon Alexa. This way you can set up highly efficient voice control and of course be a part of your home IoT system because you can control the video from Echo devices in a very simple and intuitive way without going any further.

Many options in this Xiaomi camera

It is among the most useful ones. night vision, so you can see quite clearly what’s going on where it’s installed, even though the brightness in this place is very low. It also has other stunning amenities. motion sensor integrated (allowing notifications when something is detected) and not even devoid of compatibility. sound Full Duplex, we are talking about a job. bidirectional.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 wall mounted camera


Regarding the image quality, offered by Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 full hd, offers very high sensitivity and the possibility to use digital zoom if necessary. There is a point to note here: This camera, H.265 codec, which allows recordings to take up little space without losing quality. By the way, this is done using microSD cards on this model, so you shouldn’t have any issues with that.

Latest details of this product

One important thing is that the connectivity feature is built into the camera to be able to access this accessory remotely. wireless Internet, that is, from anywhere you have internet access, you can check what’s going on in front of the Xiaomi camera we’re talking about. This can be easily achieved using the manufacturer’s Mi Home app. iOS Y Android.

There is no exact date for him at the moment. global launch, something that will happen as the product is already available for review on the Asian firm’s international website. Also, the price is not available, but as we know how Xiaomi works, it is definitely the most affordable.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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