Thor is about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s pantheon of fallen heroes. At least, this is the desire of Chris Hemsworth, who, as he himself admitted in an interview Vanity Fair, you want the character’s next appearance to be the last. Although during the promotion Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor insisted on continuing the character’s story. Looks like he prefers a heroic death and a denouement that could end a long storyline.

Thor, who became one of the few members of the original Avengers to survive the fourth phase, had a hard time. From the smug prince of a wealthy kingdom to a loving father. The hero has been to almost every conceivable place, culminating in the death of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in her arms. The fourth film in the sub-franchise not only made it clear that a new era was dawning for the hero. Also that he might have been about to engage Hercules (Brett Goldstein) in a life-threatening battle.

Which can confirm the latest statements by Chris Hemsworth. For the translator, Thor has reached the point where he needs a “conclusion”. Also a fitting end to a long story that has made the character one of the most curious in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the beginning, when he was a tragic hero, Thor’s story has evolved into one of the most experimental takes on the franchise. So much so that the fourth film, chronicling his journey on the big screen, will puzzle and captivate in equal measure. That did not go unnoticed by the actor.

Chris Hemsworth says goodbye to the god of thunder

Chris Hemsworth explained that he would like the character to be fired in the same way as Iron Man and Captain America. As we remember, both heroes had a heroic arc that culminated in the death of one and the curious happy fate of the other. An opportunity the Australian translator would like for Thor to finally become a symbolic figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Yes, of course. I feel like we’ll probably have to close the book if I do it again, you know what I mean? A fact that justifies it,” he said. Vanity Fair. “I feel like this will be the end, but it’s not based on anything anyone has told me or on any plan. You have this birth of a hero, the journey of a hero, then the death of a hero.and I don’t know… Am I at this stage? Who knows?”.

Marvel Studios

For Chris Hemsworth, Thor has matured enough that death is his inevitable fate. In the same interview, he analyzes that Thor’s strength lies in his ability to evolve and become an emblem of hope. Something that would lead him to a startling conclusion that would give the character a triumphant ending at the height of his heroic actors and his importance in the saga.

Thor and his unique story on the big screen

In fact, there have already been questions among fans about how Thor’s story will continue. Especially since there was no fifth movie on the schedule for Marvel’s next phase. However, it is likely that the character will be included in a large cast of future big films in the franchise. Avengers: Kang Dynasty D Avengers: Secret Wars they have already been heralded as real movie hits. It’s more than likely that Thor is part of both..

Also that the moment of the character’s dismissal takes place in one of the great battles of his arguments. What would be an extraordinary ending for a character on a deep and emotional journey is almost completely unexpected.

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