Series 1899 it is a massive speculation about reality that, of course, turns its premise into an almost incomprehensible arcane structure. What is real and what is not in the series? Even more complicated, how does the project work that gave meaning to the grand narrative of the unfolding reality that is, after all, the brain-center of production? Per 1899the tangible is only a way of linear reconstruction of time and perception of truth through interpretation.

So in a fight time is a set of probabilistic events that are destined to repeat over and over again. This, of course, depends on the implications of the simulation caused by the Kerberos project. For 1899the perception of the passage of history depends on how time can be understood, as well as how its existence is assumed.

Why is the experiment restarted so often? How many versions of the world can coexist at the same time? To understand such a complex and deep mechanism, one must first study its origin. This starts with a study of what constitutes a project for which such construction was carried out and its consequences.

The Kerberos Project and its Relationship with Simulation

First episodes of the season 1899 they tell how the ship “Kerberos” was bought by Henry Singleton (Anton Lesser). The new owner took the ship’s equipment and turned it into an artifact that could change time and space.

Theoretically, Kerberos hides a type of technology that could help people with traumatic memories find relief from their pain. The only people aware that something like this is happening are Daniel (Aneirin Barnard) and Elliot (Fflin Edwards), the survivors of Kerberos’ sister ship, the Prometheus.

But in the end, Kerberos is actually not a ship at all, but part of a computer simulation. mechanism designed specifically for keep people’s minds trapped in a single perception of reality. The shafts, located across the length and width of the ship, allow passengers to move from one simulation to another. Which would be tantamount to saying that they are layers of different realities that are interconnected in a single idea, which would be reality.

But this version today and now is not available to passengers. Because each point inside the ship is an axis along which you can go to another memory (passenger). In other words, Kerberos 1899 is a project designed to continue the journey through a memory game in which each passenger has their own layer.

ship 1899

It is also inspired by the past of the passengers involved in the experiment. But even this notion of reality turns out to be false once it turns out that the memories they have to deal with are also false. In fact, they are just elements capable of reconstructing the original memories of their victims to create new experiences. Because of which everyone forgets who they are, or at least what circumstances brought them to the ship.

Endless cycle 1899

So, the Kerberos project creates unprecedented situations, ranging from multiple simulations to memory saving. So far, all passengers have gone through over thirty simulations linked to each other by the passengers’ false memories. At the same time, through the perception of reality, pain and redemption that comes from re-experiencing the traumatic experience.

But apart from the emotional fact, there is the very structure of the mechanism. Modeling—in other words, how the project rearranges memories—makes certain connections. which in turn produces the loop endless, because it’s based on decisions that the characters will make over and over again. Upon death – based on these inevitable decisions and events – the characters’ consciousness is reset and they return to Kerberos.


Although 1899 not entirely clear, it is clear that the Kerberos project is a form of exploration of the human mind seeking to understand its potential. Much more, as part of a broader view of what might happen—or not happen—in increasingly complex and complex situations. Watching the characters repeatedly make the same decisions, leading them to the same places, Henry sees the possibility of the inevitable. But at the same time, the series explores a frightening terrain, viewing pain as the starting point of all human decisions and, in the end, its own door to destruction.

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