Series 1899, from Netflix, has become the center of virtual communication on social platforms. But not only thanks to the great story and visual section. Also because the Brazilian artist Mary Kanyen denounced via Twitter that most of the production script reproduces the plot of the comic book by him, black silence. The work, published in 2016, can be read in a free version and in English on the website of its author.

The story is described as “science fiction set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future”. That being said, he adds that “the psychological drama of the characters is focused.” Which makes it directly related to the recently released Netflix series. But more than that, it seems to be telling the same story as the series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

In fact, several of his points are so similar that Kanyon accuses the creators of the work of plagiarism. From a multicultural crew confronted with a maritime mystery that turns out to be far more complex, to a science fiction-like denouement. So much 1899 which black silence they have identical settings and even plot twists are so similar to each other as to cause confusion.

From black silence a 1899long journey through the same stories

Even more alarming is the fact that the author showed specific footage of the series. 1899almost identical to the vignettes black silence. Everything is there: the Black Pyramid. Death inside the ship/ship. Multinational crew. It would seem strange and inexplicable things. Symbols in the eyes and when they appear”, counted painter.

He also included plot descriptions that correspond almost exactly 1899. “Written Codes. The voices that call them. Subtle plot details such as the personal dramas of the characters, including their mysterious deaths,” he explains. After all, Kanin’s main conclusion is that the argument black silence is the script source 1899.

According to Kanin, while the comic is much shorter and has a faster resolution than the Netflix series, the resemblance is more than suspicious. Especially when both stories coincide in essential elements of their mythology about a mysterious fact that can change time and space.

David vs Goliath or Kagnin vs Netflix

Of course, Canyon has not yet been able to prove that the more than obvious similarities between black silence D 1899 They are the result of intellectual property theft. The artist, who reached out for help through her personal Twitter account to gather evidence on the matter, spoke about the long journey the original story has come.

“I had the opportunity that many comic artists never had: to show my work to an international audience. People. I lectured. I talked about the plot. I introduced him to influential people in the area. This is a serious matter,” he explained, explaining how black silence this is more than just a successful experiment.

However, he makes it clear that, despite the support received, it is unlikely that you will be able to demonstrate the resemblance between 1899 and his work. “I’m going to look at the paperwork that I need to do. If there is something that can be done,” concludes his thread on Twitter. So far, his virtual complaint has received over 297,000 likes and has been shared over 86,000 times.

black silence D 1899when two stories are too similar

Of course, this is not the first time that a popular and highly successful work has a more than understandable similarity with the materials of different authors. In 2018, Guillermo del Toro had to face similar allegations when the plot of his film water shape was flagged as a plagiarism of a 1969 story. Performance Let me hear you whisperwritten by Paul Zindel, tells the same plot as the Oscar-winning film.


Another important case is the allegations against a suspicious resemblance between The Lion King D Kimba: White LionOsamu Tezuka. An accusation like the one he had to face Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky, due to overlapping plot points animation Perfect blueSatoshi Kon.

Even the box office phenomenon Avatar, written by James Cameron, was accused at its premiere of using obvious elements from previous works. FROM Pocahontas, Ferngulli: The Last Rainforestsbye Dances with Wolves. The work of a man who ends up leaving his culture to find personal fulfillment in a new and more sensitive culture seems to be commonplace in cinema. Which caused accusations against the most famous work of the director.

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