Virginia (Judith Light) is afraid of getting old. So agonizing that it’s the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up, and the one that haunts her every moment of her daily life. American Horror Stories: Faceliftat that time, leave the realm of monsters— at least of a directly paranormal nature — to explore the grotesque. Also to highlight modern vanity and its little horrors.

The camera follows the character closely as he looks awkwardly at his reflection in the mirror. There are signs of old age and the inevitable physical changes that come with it, but for Virginia, this is an unnatural idea. Rather, it is nothing more than a consequence of some hidden weakness that you cannot pinpoint. “The wrinkle just shows that you don’t have enough money to make it disappear,” she bursts out in rage in the first ten minutes of viewing. American Horror Stories: Facelift.

She is also infuriated by the envy of the beauty of the young women around her. Gradually argument American Horror Stories: Facelift makes it clear that Virginia will do anything to restore her healthy skin. That she would be willing to sacrifice everything to be young again.

American Horror Stories: Faceliftwhen desire becomes revenge

Of course the premise American Horror Stories: Facelift this is not new. It is amazing how he builds his version of fear and repulsion through an imperative need for an aesthetic ideal. Little by little, Virginia discovers that no matter how hard she tries to maintain the image of beauty that she saw fit, it is slowly crumbling.

He understands this with a desperation that borders on cruelty, or, at worst, with such desperate greed that his heart breaks. What begins as a nagging need for an excuse—”I’m old, but I still look great”—turns into a perverse, uncomfortable urge. For the next express all your dark depths in a disgusting bloodbath.

American Horror Stories: Facelift it begins with the idea of ​​beauty as a precious commodity. One that can be easily missed, and which, in fact, is so fleeting that it can become a dangerous temptation. Virginia has considered herself beautiful for most of her life, so fighting her decline is a form of pain.

In addition, he must deal with the idea of ​​a more attractive woman who embodies all his pains and disappointments. Cassie (Cornelia Guest) isn’t just gorgeous. He is also the epitome of a kind of triumph that puzzles Virginia. Clashing with each other, the argument uses its differences to tell a story that begins at the core of perverse admiration.

Ambition without limits

Virginia’s desperation to regain her physical form – as she remembers and imagines – makes Cassie an enemy to be defeated. Also in a kind of creepy platonic love based on a disturbing and insatiable need to possess. scenario American Horror Stories: Facelift this creates a downright bleak picture of Virginia’s need for comfort. Also about an increasingly perverse longing to possess some intangible longing that he cannot fully explore. Is it a matter of desire? For fear that he will fall into some kind of mental and spiritual darkness that he does not fully understand?

American Horror Stories: Facelift she doesn’t immediately make it clear, and it’s one of her greatest triumphs to remember that Virginia’s fear of aging is not unique. Which is also not spontaneous. Slowly, a dark episode full of symbols intertwines with our society . With cultural pressure and Virginia’s fear of being “just an old woman with an unmemorable face”. Violence is implied in a particular state of decay through increasingly violent underlying messages. Also about Virginia’s need to find a way out of despair, even through violence. The narrative manages to embrace the bloody thought of the possibility of alleviating the fear of the future in the subtext of a suffocating psychological terror.

Much more so when Dr. Enid Perle (Rebecca Dayan) promises something you can’t refuse. “I can make something attractive out of an ugly one,” he insists. But, of course, the premise plays with the idea of ​​the character’s internal destruction. Gradually, Virginia realizes that Pearl’s procedure is more than just aesthetics, it’s a journey through a method that binds the need for violence. What are you willing to do for beauty? Pearl whispers ominously and powerfully.

American Horror Story: Facelift

terror in American Horror Stories: Facelift

Of course, and as part of the universe American Horror Story, there is a supernatural twist to this whole story. But in this case, the inexplicable is due to a very human desire. Virginia’s paranoia that she’ll try to discover Cassie’s method to keep being beautiful, curvaceous, and radiant when she isn’t, becomes certain. Something inexplicable is happening. A riddle that can mean bloody sacrifice, violence and murder.

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Certainly one of the great qualities American Horror Stories: Facelift in that this is the first episode with a surprise ending. And painful with its tragic beauty, and terrifying with its unhealthy darkness. The mixture of both creates a state of time, fear and greed that takes the plot into a new dimension of depth. Perhaps the most elegant and well-constructed point.

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