Technological innovation in cinema is one of the topics that usually causes a lot of controversy. Particularly when it is used to rejuvenate performers or create indoor scenes previously recorded outdoors. The result, sometimes, as a rule, is not so satisfactory or reveals the study responsible for the production. Maybe that’s why the director Indiana Jones 5James Mangold chose not to use CGI for this film.

In preparation and production, James Mangold he was interested in creating a realistic cinematic experience. For this reason, when asked about the possibility of working on pre-designed backgrounds, the director rejected the measure from the start. This is not an afterthought, because it is decisions like these that influence the final aesthetic of the cinematic experience.

Based on this decision, James Mangold chose the most practical special effects for the film. Indiana Jones 5. It should be remembered that this franchise is known for its adventurous tone and explosiveness at times. His character played Harrison Ford, goes through impossible scenarios to achieve what only he thinks is possible. Therefore, the easiest way would be to use resources that simplify some issues. But no.

James Mangold and special effects Indiana Jones 5

In statements provided to the journal Empire, the director described part of this preparatory process. During meetings with the team, comments about this appeared from time to time. But for James Mangold:if someone brought up this topic at the first meetings, I would say: “no volumes (screens), please“. Most of the cinema that is made today is marked with a green background, which is then worked on.

shooting Indiana Jones 5 happened between USA, Sicily, Morocco D Glasgow. What is the essence of this decision? True to the cinematic tradition. The franchise started in an industry where this type of technology resource didn’t have as much of an impact as it does now, some of it didn’t even exist. So, to return to the classical way is also to honor part of the history of this story.

Part of the resources that were used during the recording Indiana Jones 5 These are vehicles, planes, trains, horses and helicopters to recreate scenes. According to producer Simon Emanuel, “every type of vehicle and every country allows us to create scenes with which we recreate truly iconic and gigantic events.”

Percentage of a story that will tell Indiana Jones 5 it involves a former Nazi agent who goes to the United States and gets a position with NASA. The antagonist of the story is Vollerwho will play Mads Mikkelsen. Although filming was completed in February 2022, the film will not hit theaters until June 30, 2023.

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