Steve Jobs rejects stylus during the presentation of the first iPhone – a historic moment for Apple. Well-known leaker DuanRui revealed on Twitter that Apple was going to commit a mortal sin this year – at least for the aforementioned founder – by releasing the Apple Pencil, but for the iPhone 14. All indications are that development has been cancelled.but not before producing over a million units.

The code name for this device was “Marker”. 9to5Mac. It was supposed to be presented along with the iPhone 14 at this year’s event. But the most important thing was how it worked. No power required, can be used on iPhone screen fourteen. A kind of Samsung S Pen.

Its price would be $49., about. Much lower than any version of the Apple Pencil, for obvious reasons.

On Twitter, DuanRui talks a bit about how it works. This Apple Pencil wouldn’t have a pressure sensor; that is, it will only be a stroke of a certain thickness. It also lacked a battery; using a chip to create a connection with the iPhone 14.

Is Apple Pencil compatible with iPhone 14? We’d better go…

The story goes back even earlier than DuanRui reports. The first Apple Pencil for iPhone 14 report is in weibo – as happens with many leaks of the mentioned. Of course, despite being an important addition to the Cupertino product line, There doesn’t seem to be much information about him..

For this, take history with a grain of saltWell, that can only mean two things. Either Apple has guarded this secret very well – which is unlikely given the recent leaks -; Or is it a story that is not entirely true. Be that as it may, it would be more than an interesting addition to the company’s gadgets.

What benefit would this Apple Pencil bring to iPhone users? Hard to say. Nonetheless, The iPhone has never needed these types of accessories to work properly.. Even most users of Samsung’s extinct Note line didn’t use it that much; apart from those dedicated to the arts or related trade.

However, this Apple Pencil would make a little more sense with the 10th generation iPad. Cupertino, in fact, faced with justified criticism from users. The reason is the USB-C port that includes the device, and exceptional compatibility with the 1st generation Apple Pencil, which charges via the Lightning port.

This means you can charge your Apple Pencil with a $9 adapter sold separately, or charge it with another iPad that has a Lightning port. Design decision without apparent meaning.

Source: Hiper Textual

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