Movie Strange world, written by Don Hall, was Disney’s worst opening in decades. To the surprise of analysts and the specialized press, the ecological epic of the study failed miserably. According to Diversity, the film grossed a disappointing $18.6 million. Disney estimated that an anime shown in 4,174 theaters in North America could make between $30 million and $40 million when it debuted on the big screen.

But not only did not do this, but also made it clear that the company is going through hard times. Disney, which used to be a natural choice for instant Christmas hits and a sure bet on animation, waiting for the second infamous failure.

This year, light year it became a box office disappointment and the focus of an awkward contention controversy over the studio’s films. Expected spin off The release of one of PIXAR’s most beloved franchises fell short of Disney’s expectations. But to make matters worse, it has been criticized for its content, premise, and even the way it tells the story of the beloved protagonist.

Strange world deepens Disney’s decline

It seems that something more complex has happened to Strange world. The film, which showcased Disney’s efforts to bring its animated stories to life for a new generation, was deemed “boring and uninteresting”. In fact, most specialized critics highlighted its visual accomplishments but pointed to its narrative flaws. Despite telling a story that promised to explore a new universe.

scenario Strange worldThe story of the Clayde family’s amazing journey to unimaginable new frontiers is a combination of adventure and environmental drama. And if that wasn’t enough, the film features vocals from Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Liu and Dennis Quaid. It also has a rich section of sci-fi references, which gives the production a curious personality. It is also the most inclusive Disney film. With an interracial family and openly gay scene, the studio showed a renewed commitment to scripting with a more contemporary tone.

But no matter what Strange world upset. So much so that there are big doubts that you will be able to recoup even half of your budget investments. With a production cost of $180 million, the film could be a huge loss for Disney.. The second in less than a year and also the loudest. Usually a natural choice for families and most of the general public, the studio received significant box office rejection.

Strange world

What happens so that Disney is no longer the best choice for a certain audience? The answer is much more complicated than a lack of interest in history. From the company’s inability to become a new option to awkward content debates. The studio’s production does not seem to be finding its place after the health emergency caused by the pandemic. A moment that meant before and after the brand’s production profitability.

The high cost of visual experiments

strange worldOr it could cost Disney at least $100 million in damages if it doesn’t pick up momentum in the coming weeks. Something that seems unlikely after the indifference that the public showed on a symbolic weekend at the US box office. The four days of Thanksgiving are usually the perfect time for family movie viewing. In particular, they have always been the favored location for a significant portion of Disney production.

A resounding failure Strange world calls into question the studio’s ability to connect its mainstream productions to a new generation. the charm The premiere took place on the same day in 2021 and even then surprised with a collection of $40.3 million, when it was expected to be at least tripled. Finally, he was able to break the $100 million barrier thanks to the international market. But the poor execution of the award-winning celebration of Hispanic culture left doubts about the soundness of Disney’s proposal.

Light Year - Pixar - Movie

Hall’s film finds itself in an even more difficult situation than the charm. Many critics doubt that he will be able to achieve a level of recovery in the international market that will allow for some return on investment. Just like it happened with light year, Strange world You are in difficult terrain. Despite the extraordinary visuals, the film’s greatest strength lies in its complex plot. This makes it increasingly difficult for Disney’s children’s audience to understand the story.

At the same time, with a bland and ordinary scenario, he lacks enough interest for adults. Finally, the release of the film on Disney+ just 45 days after the premiere may discourage the public. Strange world doesn’t seem coherent enough to lure captive studio audiences to the cinema. What could also be the determining factor in such a resounding failure.

More variety, less audience

Various problems Strange world they also seem to have a direct relationship with the general climate in North America and the rest of the world. always agree with DiversityDuring Thanksgiving weekend 2022, the overall drop was 10% from last year. According to the publication, the rising inflation in the US market may influence the decision to go to the cinema.

But Strange world You also have to deal with the fact that his notorious attempt to be more inclusive and modern works against him. With an openly gay character, its release in major markets such as Asia and the Middle East is out of the question. In the North American market, this decision could also cause major problems during the film’s premiere. Strange world. FROM light yearDisney has faced public criticism for including family with same-sex mothers. Something that caused a confrontation with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In fact, the quarrel became the subject of discussion in various media. After all, this is also a possible reason for some conservative audiences to turn their backs on the film. This is a fundamental blow to a number of the studio’s strategic decisions regarding the representativeness of its productions. One is so prominent that it could influence his productions in the future.

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