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What would your perfect music festival look like depending on what you’re listening to on Spotify?


We just brought you a great infographic showing who the most streamed artists in Spotify history are and which songs are the most played. And the incredible thing is that we’re talking about billions of listeners. It makes sense that apps It has hundreds of millions of users.

However, despite being addicted and listening all day music In the app, almost no one knows what their favorite song is or which artist they listen to the most in recent months. Or so we thought, because they decided to launch a very interesting and at the same time striking campaign on Spotify.

If you were a music producer and you wanted to build the festival of your dreams, which bands would you invite to create a legendary line-up? This question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives has been answered by the app itself.

The Stockholm-based company specializes in unwittingly advertising the app to its users, and this fictitious festival is an example of that. The thing is, it’s so interesting that it’s – and very – worth doing. All for music.

How can I create my own Instafest?

It is quite simple, like anything that is intended to be created and used by users in the form of implicit advertising. Just go to the site best, Connect to your Spotify account and that’s it. Please note that the app is based on your personal data on Spotify.

Later, you can change some settings.. You can choose the style of the poster and the period during which the festival collects data to create the poster. As you can see in the screenshot, you have many options, you can even give the festival a name.

Spotify Imaginary Festival

If you want to see how your festival will turn out (and how it evolves over time), feel free to experiment. If we put it into the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months, and a lifetime, it gave us a different result. Of course, our tastes change.

Spotify is the most used app in the music streaming world for many reasons. And such actions only improve their condition. Surely you’ve seen multiple people post their poster on Twitter and Instagram today.

Source: Computer Hoy

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