Do you know him Google Domains🇧🇷 This is the tool that aims to facilitate communication with your team, colleagues and even family. Solution is a suitable space for free chataccess only: google chat or gmail to chat and share messages, files, pictures and many other items.

HE Google Domains aimed at small businesses, start-ups and other organizational models, and communication and productivity🇧🇷 All users can create their own groups and invite others to become members via email. It is also possible to join a pre-created group by searching in the “Search” area of ​​the platform.

To avoid creating a separate application, Google included gaps on existing platforms. With this, the user can access the chat via mobile devices and computers in the available applications. gmail🇧🇷

Today Technology World Prepared a tutorial showing how to use it. Google Domains In Chat you find in Gmail.

How to Create Google Spaces?

despite gaps be available on the web And on mobile platforms, the best experience goes through computers. You can use the tool like this:

  • Go to Gmail on the web.
  • Select “CHAT” from the left sidebar.
  • Go to the Spaces area and click the “+” icon in the upper left corner so you can create or find a Google Spaces.
  • Select “Create Space”.
  • Add an Emoji to your fields, give it a name, write a description, and invite members to the group via their Gmail contacts.
  • Enter the names or email addresses of the people and groups you want to add.

After completing all these steps, Google Domains ready to use gmail🇧🇷 After the invited members join the space, you can check the space admin and pending invites from the same menu.

How to Edit Google Spaces Notifications

many notifications when you have a large number of team members it can hinder the workflow. In this case, the following tip may be helpful in arranging settings and notifications:

  • Click on the area you created and go to the notifications area.
  • Filter the types of notifications you want to receive or disable notifications if necessary.

How to use Google Spaces chat

The platform is packed with features that facilitate communication between members. In the chat, by clicking on “HE”, field properties text editor property. That way, you can access items like bold, italic, underline, colors to highlight details, markers, and even menus with emojis and gifs for fluid conversations.


How are tasks distributed in Spaces?

The task distribution part works in a simple way directly in the menu of the field you have created. It is possible to assign requests to one of the team members, simply enter the “Tasks” tab area, add a date, select a time and select a team member.

regarded as one of the most important Google WorkspaceHE gaps it effectively functions as a real-time collaborative workspace. If you’ve followed the tutorial to the end, you’ll be able to work more productively and faster with your team.

Source: Tec Mundo

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