Five years ago classic saturday night life decided that there is an aspect of the film Avatar since 2009, who hasn’t been bullied yet. So they created a parody mocking designer Chris Costello’s use of the Papyrus typeface on a movie poster. It may seem like a small detail, but over the years the decision an inexhaustible source of ridicule and criticism of the team of James Cameron. Especially since such a production, which broke box office records and reinvented visual technology, received such modest publicity.

SNL, known for poking fun at big pop culture stars and circumstances, ended the question with a big three-minute joke. With guest star Ryan Gosling in the title role, the show featured a pretty hilarious little story about the use of papyrus. One that included conspiracy theories, a short gripping story, and even an ending joke about the movie’s bland script. Avatar. The sketch had an immediate cult following and became part of one of the most successful segments of the historic American comedy show.

Of course, something like this could not go unnoticed by James Cameron. Often accused of selfishness and difficulty in directly criticizing his work, the director declined to comment on this passage. But finally, and perhaps to complete an embarrassing task, he did. To the surprise of most of the entertainment world, his reaction showed that the director took the ridicule calmly and even with a sense of humor.

James Cameron

James Cameron’s response

During an extensive interview with Empire, James Cameron finally agreed to answer questions regarding the famous SNL snippet. For years, rumors circulated that the director was pissed off by design criticism for his film’s publicity. And also the fact that his silence on this matter became a matter of honor, in which he was not going to compromise.

But was it because enough time had passed to think it over better, or because there had never been such a conflict, James Cameron commented on the situation with humor.. He even hinted that for the past five years he has been amused by sarcastic comments about the use of a popular typeface on an advertising poster.

Papyrus font on poster Avatar

Since its appearance on the cinema screens Avatar, written by James Cameron, was the center of all sorts of ridicule. Especially since the popular film has become the focus of controversy over the use of a simple plot to justify visual spectacle. Compared to areas Pocahontas D Ferngulli: The Last Rainforestthe way in which Cameron reused deeper arguments to create his own was discussed.


But especially the use of a popular typeface such as Papyrus has become a symbol of controversy. Especially, given that production increased its costs to $237 million. There was criticism, ridicule, and indications that the investment didn’t exactly make it to the marketing department. Much more so when James Cameron insisted on giving a transcendent meaning to what appeared to be a careless decision. Something left over from the interview Empire.

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