walking Dead It finally came to an end after 11 seasons with very good moments and some questionable moments. But still, definitely one of the most important productions of the last decade. A real success for AMS from which some have already seceded spin-off released in recent years and a few that we will see in the future. Its final episode also brings back two very important characters from the series: Rick Grimes D Michonne.

The first one played Andrew Lincolnlet walking Dead in the ninth season. All characters believe that he died after sacrificing himself to blow up the bridge to prevent the zombie invasion. Although a scene can be seen later where a helicopter rescue takes place, while the character is alive.

In the case of Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, she left the series in the tenth season under the pretense that she would undertake a search for Rick Grimes after finding signs that he was alive.

After the battle for the Commonwealth, there is a time jump when it is revealed that some of the communities we have seen throughout the last seasons of the series have flourished. After saying goodbye to Daryl, we see scenes in which the characters, each separately, write letters that they hope their loved ones will someday read. Although these are visions that could well be described as cameosthe presence of both characters in the final episode walking Dead this is extremely important.

Why do Rick Grimes and Michonne return at the end of Waking the Dead?

Purpose of both characters reappearing in the final episode walking Dead is to lay the foundations spin off with Rick Grimes and Michonne. Originally conceived as a trilogy of films, it was made into a TV series described as “a love story in post-apocalyptic times”.

Actually the scene with Rick Grimes and the helicopter memory to what happened in the ninth season of the series. The character can be seen holding a broken iPhone in a bag with a drawing that Michonne discovered in the tenth season.

spin off It will show not only the meeting of both characters, but also what has happened to them since their departure from walking Dead until now. What we do know is that the latest episode of the series suggests that Michonne has yet to reveal any clues as to where Rick is. The only thing that gives him hope is a broken iPhone and a pair of boots.

The Walking Dead has become a hugely important franchise for AMC, as has Game of Thrones this is for HBO. The end of the series works as the start of a corresponding group of new productions that are about to expand the franchise. Those already out:

  • Fear the walking dead.
  • The Walking Dead: Beyond.
  • Tales of the Walking Dead.

The series that will be released in the future, after the end walking Dead:

  • The Walking Dead: Dead Cityfocused on Negan and Maggie.
  • Daryl Dixonwhich will continue to recount the experiences of the character who has been on the show the longest.
  • Series Rick and Michonne.

That is a total of six new series and miniseries. All with the goal of preserving the franchise that started in AMC when the first episode of the production aired on December 31, 2010.

In addition, the end walking Dead suggests a possible future in which we will see more adventures from some of the younger characters who will later become adults. Everything will depend on success spin-off have over the next few years.

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