Sam (Madison Isman) is in love with death. In addition, rituals associated with the physical fact of a person’s death. Her work as an embalmer in a mortuary allows her to scrutinize the idea of ​​the absoluteness of physical disappearance. As much as to explore, deepen and analyze life as a phenomenon in American Horror Stories: Necro.

first ten minutes American Horror Stories: Necro they represent a patient journey through the funeral rituals. A theme that might seem repetitive were it not for the fact that the script explores it in terms of dark beauty. Director Logan Keebens focuses the camera on detailed analysis What Happens Behind Closed Doors at Funeral Homes.

But especially how devoted Sam is to this construction of an almost beautiful image of the unknown. The expert turns the corpse into a work of art. Touch dead meat and look into cloudy eyes to create a version of life. “Not everything that is beautiful is alive,” says the character in one of his first dialogues.

The shadowy beauty of death American Horror Stories: Necro

American Horror Stories: Necro perhaps the most unique episode of the anthology based on AHS. And also the one that is most closely, painfully and strongly associated with primitive fears, rarely subjected to artistic analysis in horror stories.

Most of the story takes place between the walls of the funeral home and the cemetery, which extrapolates the idea of ​​death to everyday life. Little by little it becomes clear that Sam understands death not as the end, but as the beginning of something fateful and precious. A journey into collective memory, inherited rituals, and complex spaces of social sensibility.

The director spends a lot of time showing the heroine’s hands while she does her makeup, hair and clothes on the corpses. Also analyze in elegant close-ups the atmosphere that surrounds him. AT American Horror Stories: Necrowhich at times seems mysterious and at other times poignant, dead meat carries considerable weight.

Is death the end?

But this is not about the painful, but about what death symbolizes in the modern world. The horrors that he causes, the horror that he shows. “In this age, it’s a shame to die,” says Sam, bending over the face of a corpse, ready to carefully decorate the pale skin.

It is a journey into a kind of abstract monster that modern culture ignores. In fact, the emphasis of the plot, written by Crystal Liu, is on the perception of death as the edge of the unknown. A crack in all the tasteless skeptical reality beyond the walls of the undertaker.

Therefore, Sam is not just a character in American Horror Stories: Necrothis is a symbolic journey through that which is terrifying in death. About its absolute character and sinister and singular spaces. The focus of the script creates an atmosphere that sinks into horror, more visceral and psychological than tangible.

American Horror Stories: Necro

Pale corpses wrapped in sheets – the end of all stories. Kibens manages to provide American Horror Stories: Necro strange ambiguous feeling. Dialogue with death as a transit of collective memory? Is it a horror story wrapped in a more elegant and deeper story?

Strange, painful and monstrous in American Horror Stories: Necro

There are no easy answers to an argument that constantly moves between blurry lines. Especially since Sam’s boyfriend, Jesse (Spencer Neville), seems to epitomize a culture that regrets death. For a man, a woman’s devotion to corpses and funeral rites is nothing but disgust. Of course, this is a projection of the fears and anxieties of the character.

American Horror Stories: Necro

scenario American Horror Stories: Necro this wraps the relationship in constant pressure, as if Sam had to choose between her desire to create “beauty in death” and the mundane. Again and again, Jesse opposes, criticizes and vilifies Sam’s work. As much as, after all, to demand the unimaginable. “No one who loves death so much can love something more”he says angrily and frustrated.

In the middle of such a crossroads, Sam meets Charlie (Cameron Cowperthwaite), a gravedigger who understands death from the same perspective. Together they find an important link that provides American Horror Stories: Necro his best moments, the most painful and, in the end, the most violent. Perhaps he regrets that in the final stretch, the episode abandons its intimate and almost contemplative nature in favor of a violent twist. Which is to be expected in an anthology story, but it breaks the director’s fine work of creating the atmosphere of the story.

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Like everything else, this great conversation about death that ends badly is a sinister allegory for an unbelieving age. American Horror Stories: NecroElegant and sophisticated, it could have been better than it turned out. But at its highest points, it’s a rarity in the series. american horror stories. Perhaps this is the most important point.

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