moon knightMarvel’s latest series on Disney+ is extraordinary combination of action and mystery which amazed the fans. So much so that this opportunity played a large part of the script. In fact, in its final chapter, the production even had the audacity to leave a cryptic message to the naked eye. Type fascinating game of mirrors and symbols which fans received with enthusiasm.

It all happened during a pivotal scene in the season finale. The chapter titled “Gods and Monsters” impressed most of the audience with its ambition. And especially, for his elegant and well choreographed action scenes. One of the most interesting takes place on one of the streets of Cairo, where Mark Spector (Oscar Isaac) fights Harrow (Ethan Hawke). But the most interesting thing is that during the long sequence, the show left a kind of hidden message that surprised the fans of the Middle East.

While Mark fought in the streets of the city, and the god Khonshu did the same with the goddess Ammit above, a message in Arabic can be read on the walls. So conspicuous that immediately attracts the attention of the public. When translating a pint into clearly distinguishable black letters, it turns out: “Khonshu is alive.” Immediately, several fans of the series translated the phrase and commented on their discovery via Twitter.

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Moon Knight: A Hero in the Muslim World

moon knight he distinguished himself by showing considerable interest in the ethnic aspects of his history and character. In fact, the series has been praised for considering not only the ethnic context surrounding Mark, but also how Egyptian beliefs and mythological heritage are connected to the central plot of the premise. Research and attention to detail have resulted in a series with double meanings and interpretations. But also, has deep respect for the culture the character is trying to portray.

The subtle celebration of the return of the Egyptian god is also a demonstration of the character’s importance as part of Marvel’s vision of magic. It’s not just a source of energy.

It’s both a powerful connection to mystery and the most mysterious side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike other pantheons, such as the Scandinavian, included in the franchise’s arguments, the Egyptian one steers clear of explanation. In addition, it is directly related to the idea of ​​historical heritage.

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