Last March report Term Amazon Prime Video and PlayStation Productions were expected to join forces in series god of War. However, none of the companies involved commented on this issue. Today, finally, a video streaming platform ad video game franchise adaptationperhaps the most popular of the PlayStation.

As we already knew The God of War series will bet on the ever-controversial format live action. That is, there will be real actors in it. I say “controversial” because this type of production starts to cause controversy from the moment rumors arise about the actors who will give life to the main characters. However, in this case, Prime Video did not want to put forward names. Moreover, we do not even know if they have already signed them.

The best example of contradiction we have in Last of us, the highly anticipated HBO Max series. When it was announced that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey would play Joel and Ellie respectively, some “fans” complained that the actors were unrelated to the characters being played. Fortunately, as soon as we saw the first trailer, doubts began to dissipate. Will the series be the same? god of War? Let’s see.

At this point, we don’t know if they will respect the original story that video games offer. If so, it will be interesting to see if they adapt the narrative Greek mythologyor if they make a bet on the second stage of the franchise in Scandinavian mythology. Any of them can tell a lot.

Responsible for the series god of War

series god of WarAccording to the previously mentioned report, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will answer.who already have a close relationship with Amazon. Why? They were the creators and producers of outstanding Space. For his part, Rafe Judkins, whom you can find for his involvement in unknown, Wheel of Time D Agents of SHIELDis also involved in the project.

About the series production god of War, will be handled by Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions. The latter is the division of Sony Interactive Entertainment responsible for creating all of these adaptations based on the PlayStation franchises.

In fact, PlayStation Productions has several projects on the horizon in addition to the series. god of War. For example, adaptations Horizon (Netflix), Ghost of Tsushima, twisted metal D Grand Touring. it ambitious strategy with which Sony intends to take advantage of the popularity of its intellectual property outside the gaming area.

Series announcement god of War He comes at the perfect time. The franchise has caught the attention of the video game industry with its recent release God of War Ragnarok, the quality of which corresponds to the previous name. Sony Santa Monica Studio managed to create an unforgettable adventure that even won several awards at the Game Awards 2022, although GOTY kept it. ancient ring—.

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