If you have an old Netflix subscription, they may cancel it without notice.

Check your account, you may need to update your payment method on Netflix

Netflix invites its users to update their payment methods

Netflix has announced to a large percentage of its subscribers that they must do this. Update your payment system to continue accessing your services. The reasons for this change in Netflix policy lie indirectly in the App Store’s new alternative payment methods with the arrival of iOS 17.4.

The truth is that Since Netflix stopped allowing payments for subscription plans through the App Store in 2018. However, subscribers who subscribe to Netflix through Apple’s payment system will be able to continue to renew their subscriptions without changing their payment methods. Until now.

With the changes coming to the App Store as a result of the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Netflix took the opportunity to inform subscribers that they could no longer continue making payments through the App Store.

Old Netflix accounts may be canceled if they don’t update their payment systems


Netflix tells subscribers to change their payment methods and save themselves from Apple

The news came to light via The Streamable, where they claim: Netflix notified customers in some regions that they needed to update their payment methods (they don’t specify which one) because the subscription will no longer be allowed to renew through Apple.

What does this really mean? All iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac users will be able to continue to enjoy Netflix’s catalog of series, movies and documentaries. But, Payments for your subscriptions must be made directly through the Netflix system. and not through Apple.


Netflix will no longer allow auto-renewal through Apple

For its part, Apple, in addition to offering access to alternative stores in the App Store, should also allow developers to include external links to other alternative payment methods in their applications. Something that has happened to this day March 5It was strictly prohibited according to App Store regulations.

Netflix, as expected, will take advantage of this new Apple policy to offer its customers More convenient and simpler access to activate or renew your subscriptionsWe insist through its own platform.

It is not known how large a percentage of Netflix users subscribe through Apple’s payment system, but It must be a very small number. considering the option was removed by Netflix more than 5 years ago.

If you think you renewed your Netflix subscriptions from the App Store and You haven’t changed your payment method in yearsYou should review your account settings to avoid the risk of your account being canceled.

Source: i Padizate

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