While we’ve all been waiting for the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, this will no longer be the case. In a shocking announcement, director James Gunn announced that the actor would not be taking part in the project, despite the actor himself announcing it a couple of months ago. Now that the power hierarchy is changing in the DC Universe, Will Cavill play Geralt of Rivia again in Witcher?

The answer is no. Henry Cavill has run out of the two roles that most represent him in the collective imagination.. After the announcement of his departure from DC, many fans began to wonder if this means the return of the actor to Witcher. However, it looks like Cavill has already left, and while he said goodbye to the Netflix production on good terms, the decision not to return will still stand.

This has been commented on by various sources. Term. So we know the plans replace Cavill with Liam Hemsworth in Witcher still standing. Starting with the fourth season, it will be the latter who will be in charge of interpreting seasoned monster hunter Geralt de Rivia.

However, the events happened very recently. Although Henry Cavill will most likely not return to Witcher as lead actor there is always the opportunity to see him in a cameo role or in flashbacks, according to the interpretation of history. But unfortunately, it seems that the actor’s decision was final, leaving us without his presence in the Netflix series.

Henry Cavill is leaving two of his biggest projects, what’s next for him?

Now that Cavill has parted ways with his two most significant characters, many fans are wondering what’s next for him. One theory suggests that the actor could have returned to the DC Extended Universe. Although not as Superman, yes, you could do it in several other ways.

DC has a long history of reusing actors in their future projects, even if they don’t do it as the same character they used to. Other actors who were already part of this universe made the jump to another, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. maybe someday Let’s take a look at how Henry Cavill interprets some of these beloved characters..

If not, then some fans of the actor they already offered him the role of the next James Bond. After all, the actor meets the requirements for the role of the most famous spy in the world: British, attractive and young. In addition, Cavill already has a track record of introducing iconic detective stories to British culture through his role as Sherlock Holmes in the film. Enola Holmes from Netflix.

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