Wednesday is one of Netflix’s biggest hits for the last quarter of the year. Series, director Tim Burton, quickly spread among fans of the Addams Family and those who are not, but start production out of curiosity about the novelty. However, his future at Netflix is ​​still unclear.

Jenna Ortega is the main actress in this story. We are talking about a character who, with the help of psychic abilities, decides to resolve a strange situation in the training center. Beyond that plot, this is a story that revives a part of a franchise that infuriated thousands of people in the 90s.

The Addams Family is one of the most famous in pop culture. Wednesday, through one character, brings some of that mythology back into the collective imagination. These are stories that feed off each other, creating huge hours of streaming on Netflix. How much? Enough to enter the top five most viewed products of the service. Even in this context, its future is still unclear. In that sense, Netflix’s senior manager gives viewers hope, albeit not too much.

second season Wednesday?
This is what is known

Wednesday is an 8-episode TV series. This is a story that has attracted attention for its aesthetic, its interpretation of the story through a very specific character, and the introduction of others that have been interpreted in a notable way, such as The Thing. While there are currently several resources to recreate the issues, in the case of this last character, there was a background actor. These are examples that describe some of the wealth that exists in production.

This was part of his success. However, it’s sometimes not easy to approve projects beyond their impact on the Netflix platform. Peter Friedlander, head of the Scripted Series for the US and Canada, issued a statement. vulture in which he talked about the future Wednesday.

I wish I could tell you more, I’m optimistic, but right now I have nothing to say.“.

However, his comment did not stop there. The scenario, in general terms, is one of success and uncertainty. First, because of the susceptibility of the series; secondly, because this type of solution includes a number of scales that may not yet be allowed at the moment. However, the manager does not rule out the idea of ​​a second season: “I wish (for this to happen)”.

With the premiere Wednesday still fresh (it was released on November 23), there is a suspicion that the announcement of a possible second season will take longer. Meanwhile, the first eight episodes are available on Netflix.

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