store Windows 11 It has become a good option to get software that is perfectly adapted to the Microsoft operating system. Sometimes, however, he has a somewhat erratic behavior that makes his execution almost torture. We tell you how to fix this easily and quickly.

Some problems The most common are failures while downloading software or updates, and it is even possible for the following error code to appear when trying to open the Windows 11 app store: 0x80072F30. This is what makes it impossible to use the app we’re talking about. Microsoft has thought of all this and is built into the operating system in a way that some don’t know. life vest Just what you need in the crisis at hand.

Steps to fix windows 11 app store

Basically, what the tool we’re talking about does clear cache app (leaving it new, but deleting the activity you did… but clearing the list of apps you installed). This way, the vast majority of problems that usually occur in the shop are resolved and therefore you will be able to use it normally again. these Steps What you should give:

  • Launch the search menu available in Windows 11, the best way is to press the Windows and ‘S’ keys at the same time. You will see a window appear.
  • In the upper area there is a search box where you need to type: wsreset.exe. This is the name of the function we’re interpreting, and as you can see it’s not exactly intuitive… but it’s effective.
Reset for windows 11 store issues

Smart Life
  • You will now see the app icon on the left and below its name. Click on it to run. A command prompt window will appear which only takes a few seconds and the Windows 11 store will open automatically after the cache clearing is complete.
  • The next thing you need to do without making any changes in the store is to restart the computer for the new settings to take effect.
  • You’re done and in principle everything should work normally.

As you can verify, everything is very simple and the truth is there should be much more accessible Find the tool that fixes Windows Store problems. But the truth is that it is built into the Microsoft operating system and is also surprisingly effective.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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