Netflix today officially inaugurates its Italian office in Rome, confirming an important and long-lasting commitment to the country, the creative community and Italian consumers. Located in the heart of the Roman “Dolce Vita”, Netflix’s Italian office now accommodates approximately seventy people who perform various roles and duties and are dedicated to Italy. Also on the occasion, new projects on movies, TV series and documentaries for Netflix Italy were announced, including the TV series about the Leopard, a cartoon by Zerocalcare and the reality Summer Job.

New series announced today:

Reed Hastings, founder and co-CEO of Netflix, said:

It is a great pleasure to have taken root in Italy, a country with a cultural and cinematographic history of primary importance. The opening of the Rome office is a clear sign of our strong long-term commitment to the country and will allow us to work even more closely with the Italian creative community to produce a variety of great Italian shows and films.

Variety, quality and local authenticity are at the heart of the range of Italian titles announced today, ranging from movies to non-fictional content to scripted series, which Netflix will make available from this year. Unpublished stories that touch a variety of themes and genres, give space to established talents as well as new voices, and reflect the vitality and richness of the Italian stories Netflix wants to tell and bring to its Italian and international audiences.

Tinny Andreatta, Vice President of Italian Originals, said:

The Italian series projects announced today, which will see the light of day in the coming years, reflect our willingness to work with our Italian production partners and raise the bar for our ambition. Together we want to give life to a wide and varied storytelling, pluralistic in visions and creative voices, rooted in the present, capable of daring, ranging from the visual language to the novelty of the characters and the courageous choices even made of stories belonging to the cultural tradition and taste of the Italian public, breaking taboos and broaching themes that our story has excluded. We want to tell the other side of Italy, the mysterious, forbidden, courageous who knows how to make the imagination think and fly.

New nonfiction projects announced today and due out in 2022:

Giovanni Bossetti, Italian Non-Fiction Content Manager:

It’s exciting to see non-fiction projects appearing more and more in made in Italy content. Our aim is to contribute to the composition of an increasingly rich and articulate Italian offer, which proposes genres ranging from docu-series to reality shows, and which share as a common denominator the desire to find new points of view to discover more and more. tell and always the best incredible, funny, exciting Italian stories.

Movies announced today and coming out in 2022:

Sara Furio, Director of Films for Italy at Netflix, said:

Our desire is to bring many different stories and all authentically Made in Italy to our members around the world. We are very pleased with the variety of our offerings this year, which range from action movies to drama, from coming-of-age stories to love stories and friendship. We want to continue working with our Italian creative partners and always find new keys to bring ambitious Italian stories to the world.

The projects announced today are added to the Italian series productions already announced and in different stages of production, including Lidia Poët, Briganti, La Vita Liar degli Adults, Everything asks for rescue and of which the first images have been seen today, along with the second season of Incastrati, the fifth season of SKAM Italia and Di4ri.

To mark the opening of the Italian office, in the evocative setting of Piazza di Fontana di Trevi, the launch of the Marquee, a special poster reminiscent of the facades of the cinemas of the 70s, debuting with Marcello! Here we are! a declaration of love to the history of cinema and the Italian creative community. In Rome, the marquee will tell the news of the Netflix world through the service’s iconic style and tone of voice.

Source: Lega Nerd

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