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Movies to Watch This Weekend on Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video: End of the World, Italian Comedy and The Addams Family 2


May has already arrived to cheer us all up and if you are not enjoying its fair in Seville, you are probably already home after the bridge.

That’s why we come with 3 recommendations from Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ so you can enjoy this weekend to the fullest with a good movie.

Today we bring you one of the mythical films of the past, directed by the great Michael Bay. We are talking about Armageddon, one of the greatest disaster blockbusters ever. On the other hand, we will continue the second film version The Addams Family directed at the little ones. Finally we leave you the Italian, Let yourself go very funny which we think is perfect for sunday.

Armageddon (1998), Disney+

This wonderful film by Michael Bay takes us after New York City was hit by hundreds of small meteorites, as if that wasn’t enough. NASA discovers that a Texas-sized asteroid is on a collision course with Earth.

But while an underfunded but well-resourced NASA team trains the world’s best drillers for the job (including the great Bruce Willis), the social order of the world begins to crumble when information reaches the public and hysteria ensues.

While the bosses are playing “politics”, the rig crew members face serious personal problems that they could jeopardize humanity’s last chance.

Do you have this blockbuster? starting today, May 6th, on Disney+.

Disney Plus Logo

The Addams Family 2: The Great Escape (2021), Prime Video

The Addams Family 2: The Great Escape

The Addams Family, now in an animated version, comes out in the second part. In this brand new movie we meet Morticia and Gomez are distraught as their kids grow up, skip family meals, and are downright upset.

That’s why they decide to take Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Stinky and the whole gang into their caravan. go on a family vacation trip.

This will take place in the United States, and when they leave their comfort zone, all sorts of funny hardships await them, except for meeting a distant relative.

Premieres May 8, Sunday, on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Let go (2017), Netflix

let yourself go

Lasciati Andare (Let Thyself Go) is an Italian film directed by Francesco Amato. This is comedy set in Romestarring Toni Servillo, Veronica Echegui, Carla Signoris and Luca Marinelli.

Toni Servillio plays a psychotherapist who is fed up with his marriage, from which he, it should be noted, has already left. However, after a health-related accident, he must get back in shape and reluctantly hires a fun-loving and eccentric personal trainer.

Both will be involved in all sorts of crazy conspiracies involving jealousy, theft, family….the perfect combination for any weekend.

Premieres on Netflix today, May 6th.

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