Series Wednesdayproducer Tim Burton, will continue to be part of the Netflix catalog. in a future second season. All according to information disclosed through individualwire which puts an end to rumors about the possibility of leaving the series from the platform. But for now, successful productions that have become audience phenomena continue to be part of Netflix.

A rebuttal—not an official one—makes it clear that what was said Independent this week is at least partly false. According to the publication, the second season Wednesday, not yet confirmed by Netflix, may be streaming on Prime Video. Cause? The fact is that Amazon acquired MGM, the studio responsible for filming the series.

Also the one that owns the intellectual property of The Addams Family as an independent brand. But, according to an anonymous source from individualwireagreement on spin off The history of Charles Addams closed long before the history of the Amazon. What kind protects Netflix and especially any derivative products you choose to shoot. Including, of course, the highly anticipated second season. Wednesday.

Wednesdaysuccess at the best moment

Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega and produced by Tim Burton, became one of the most watched shows in Netflix history just five weeks after its premiere. Turned into a spectator phenomenon and even an inexhaustible source of memes and videos, the production comes at an opportune moment. The subscription service is going through one of its toughest times yet, and the success of the eldest daughter Addams story is welcome news.

The production aired 1.237 million hours in its first 28 days of release. What makes her most successful content on netflixeven surpassing the flagship subscription service series: strange things. Its second season hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s clear that it’s a big deal for Netflix to maintain its biggest success.

Wednesday Netflix series

In particular, in the midst of financial and strategic measures that Netflix is ​​looking to implement to achieve its profitability. With Wednesday Being a huge hit, Netflix can use its popularity to bolster its catalog. Which includes the announcement of the long-awaited second season of the story and even some spin off relating to the main story.

Wednesday in the midst of debate

For now, everything points to Netflix having no problem keeping intellectual property. Wednesday and its future context. According to individualwireAmazon is mulling over the idea of ​​making non-Prime MGM content. So it’s likely that the series will continue as part of the Netflix offering. At the moment there is no official statement about any version. Although, no doubt, the refutation seems plausible.

Same What’s on Netflix reported that even if Netflix decides not to renew Wednesday, may air first season until 2032. That is, the intellectual property of the story invented by Charles Addams spans a decade. A case similar to Sandmanwhose rights Netflix shares with Warner.

Can MGM terminate its contract with Netflix?

It is this question that has occupied the specialized press in recent days. Especially after the difficult situation that Netflix went through in its time with the licenses for various Marvel characters. However, while there is a possibility that Amazon will terminate the contract and reinstate its license, it will not be easy.

At the time, The Walt Disney Company terminated its licensing agreement with Netflix early. But it forced the studio to pay nearly $1 billion, which Amazon currently cannot afford. In particular, after production Rings of Power and its, still in production, second season.

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