iPhone 14 Pro Victory: This is the world’s most luxurious iPhone and can be yours for only 60,000 euros

The Caviar company is marketing a personalized version of the Apple smartphone encrusted with gold and diamonds.

iPhone 14 Pro Victory Solid Gold designed by Caviar.

If you think the price of the new iPhone 14 lineup is too high, wait until you see a personalized version of it. iPhone 14 Pro under. And no, we’re not exactly talking about Apple’s “Gold” color option… This is a luxury case made by Caviar.

Caviar is a luxury goods manufacturer that launches jewelery versions of every Apple iPhone model. hand-carved engravings and together shell diamonds.

Caviar launched following the release of the latest generation iPhone at the end of 2022 Multiple versions of iPhone 14 Pro with gold, diamonds and other luxuries worthy of royalty and the most extravagant billionaires.

This gold-plated version of the iPhone 14 Pro is the most luxurious smartphone customization in the world.

cases 18k gold It is filled with thousands of tiny details hand-carved in the Baroque style, made by Caviar. Total embedded in this version of iPhone 14 Pro 55 diamonds VVS1, IF and FL.

An iPhone 14 Pro accessory made entirely of gold and designed by artists who create engravings and additional decorative ornaments on precious metals, as reported by the company.

“iPhone 14 Pro Victory Solid Gold is designed for those who appreciate the ultimate in luxury.”

iPhone 14 Pro Victory Solid Gold

iPhone 14 Pro Victory Solid Gold plated with 55 diamonds and plated with 18k gold.

This luxury iPhone 14 Pro is worth Victory Solid Gold 59.220 €and this is the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro version. For the 1TB version of the iPhone 14 Pro, the price goes up as follows: 60,430€.

Caviar’s jewelry techniques are not limited to the iPhone 14 Pro. The company designs many more luxury products and accessories, such as the pink gold PlayStation 5 and other devices such as folding smartphones, tablets, leather cases…

You can see another iPhone 11 design marketed by Caviar in the video below that we’ve included:

“Our main goal is to understand the identity and uniqueness of each person. More than 7,000 million people live in the world. Each of us is extraordinary, interesting and special.”

Basically what Caviar is saying is that if you get a luxury iPhone 14 Pro with gold and diamonds, you will be a more special person. Still, for 60,000 euros, maybe I’d rather continue to be an ordinary person, but I have a little more money in my bank account, right? 😂

What do you think? Can you buy a gold iPhone 14 Pro for such a high price?

Source: i Padizate

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