This email It has become one of the indispensable tools in the workplace. However, it is possible to be in direct and quick contact with other people. But yes, you should make the most of this option and not make some mistakes that have become overly common.

We’ll show you some things you need to know to avoid making mistakes when sending a business email. Thus, in addition to looking great, it also you get the most out of it to this tool that has now become as common as writing on a piece of paper with a pen. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to clarify some things.

Mistakes to avoid when using business email

What you need to do is quite simple and does not pose any danger. Of course, to achieve this, the steps that we will specify after this paragraph You have to give them with an Apple device. (like iPhone and iPad as they are the most comfortable options). This is what you need to do and as you will see the wear time is very short – which is always a positive.

  • Avoid the absence of essential elements: Some examples we’ve said are if you don’t put anything in the subject or if you need to send a document it’s not included. Therefore, a final review before sending the mail seems unlikely because the absence of anything important is considered a failure…especially if it is repeated regularly.
  • Try using a professional address: Although companies like Microsoft or Google offer very high quality services, it is ideal to send professional emails that you have. a personalized account and that refers to the company they belong to. So try to avoid ending up on the Gmail or Outlook type as it doesn’t give the best possible picture.
Email or letters of the word email

  • signature is very important: Most of the time this option is not given due care and this is a complete mistake. In case they want to contact you in a way other than e-mail, you must enter the necessary information here. That’s why you should include your full name and any other options you think are important (from phone number to your profile on social networks where appropriate). This ensures that you are always available in the professional field.
  • shipping time is important: Even though we’re in a time when you’re always connected, it’s important to respect the rest of the people’s rest hours. Unless necessary, you should not send e-mails outside of working hours. All existing clients support planning, and that’s what you need to do to show you’re 100% focused on uptime.
Using a laptop to send email

  • Tone is more important than you think: Try to use the corresponding tones, because looking for the positive of something is not the same as looking for the negative. Therefore, a reread is not so much. Choose the right words and always follow a certain formality – because remember, we are talking about the field of labor -.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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