Marvel Cinematic Universe could bring superheroes that perhaps no one has ever imagined in movies and TV shows on Disney+. One of the options under consideration is Songbird, a superheroine with a dark past in comics and it can be seen in lightning.

The franchise needs to enrich itself beyond ordinary faces or much more recognizable characters in the most commercial and obvious pop culture. Progress is being made in stages and layers need to be provided, both in terms of themes and personalities. In this sense, songbird fits into these figures, which have an interesting duality.

Why is it relevant? Much of what is related to lightning it will have to do with characters that are difficult to classify. While those who make up the group may not be considered villains – something key in comics – they should not be treated in the same way as heroes.

The origin of Songbird according to the comics

Under the name Screaming MimiThis figure first appeared in Marvel two in onevolume 54, published in August 1979. The character was created by Mark Grunwald, Ralph Macchio (not related to the actor in karate kid) and John Byrne. Many of her early appearances were as a supervillain. Although this beginning suggested that he would establish himself as an antagonist, his fortunes were reversed.

Much of his journey began with lightning. During the events of the comic Civil War, the character has reached a different significance. At this time, the previous line-up broke up. And another one appeared, led by Norman Osborn. But what happened inside the force impulse? Part of her didn’t trust her.

The figure left this franchise, only to return some time later. In June 2015, the character made the leap to heroism, appearing in new avengers. It was a personal redemption.

The personal life of a songbird

It’s an alter ego Melissa Gold. She grew up in a family marked by various dramas: her father was an alcoholic, and her mother was in prison. The streets have become a refuge for the young woman. Much of his personality, tough and rough, was forged between dark ways and the need to earn a place.

In a difficult environment, under the influence of absence and various forms of violence, Melissa Gold was imprisoned. Behind bars I would meet pancakesa fighter who would take her to the Grapplers fireteam that Gold joined under the name Screaming Mimi.

Being a part of this group, both she and the rest of the members achieved fame, especially after being released from prison. Thus, they attracted the attention of different groups, at the same time they had different needs. Within this framework, they came into contact with Power Broker (Power Mediator).

This agency provided the group with various resources so that the members could improve their skills. The organization has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the series. Falcon and Winter Soldier. The detail is not minor because it suggests that there is already a context that the character can be associated with later.

There is another key character in Melissa Gold’s story: Baron Zemo, who took an interest in her to add her to Masters of Evil. After the crisis, Gold found himself powerless and in a difficult emotional state. Zemo offered him shelter and provided his technology to give him new powers. that’s how he was born songbirdwith a voice that can intimidate anyone.

strengths and abilities

Its capabilities are as follows:

  • Flight.
  • Force.
  • Resistance.
  • Durability.
  • Superhuman reflexes.
  • sonic screams
  • Waves and explosive projection.
  • You can build sound structures with “solid sound”.
  • You can hypnotize with your singing.
  • Has echolocation.

The possibility of its appearance in adaptation lightning

In early January 2023, a leak outlined various plans related to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among them stands out that Songbird could appear in lightning.

The film will feature the Red Hulk, played by Harrison Ford. The production will tell the story of a group of anti-heroes who must visit various missions. They are often inappropriate for the Avengers or other front line heroes. These are works that can compromise politically or philosophically.

Source: Hiper Textual

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