In a new episode Last of us, available on HBO and HBO Max, seems like time has stood still. On the one hand, Joel and Ellie travel through the west of a ruined country, where nature is everything and the traces of civilization have disappeared. On the other hand, the series reflects with heartbreaking depth on how people can be even in the most terrible conditions, without paying attention to time and adversity.

In this case, the production leaves aside the exploration of catastrophes and horrors in order to visit more sensitive places. In particular, they seek to make clear that even hope is possible among the ruins of civilization. Also love.

For such a deep point of view, the plot decides to tell Bill’s story. In the original Naughty Dog storyline, the character is a reclusive survivor living in Lincoln, a city besieged by the Infected.

His television version retains his unique personality, but in addition writer Craig Mazin added a dash of fear. Played by Nick Offerman, the opening scenes of the script show him obsessed with survival. A watcher in the midst of debacle who realizes that the signs of the world as he knows it are about to turn to ashes.

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Journey to the end of the world in the third episode Last of us

In fact, this is the first sentence that Bill says during the evacuation of the city of Lincoln. “Only ashes will remain,” he mutters, looking at the trucks that are trying to leave the region. For a person it is obvious that everything that happens is higher than any possibility of salvation.

Standing with a rifle on his shoulder, or peering intently at the surveillance screens in the fortified basement where he hides, he understands the inevitable. in the story Last of usBill is the epitome of horror, turning survival into a primal impulse, while the apocalypse is moving fast.

It’s September 30, 2003. Four days after the explosion, the death of Sarah Miller, and the first riots heralding a cataclysm. It’s been almost a week since expert mycology professor Ibu Ratna delivered her verdict: “Everything needs to be bombed.”

Bill does not know the magnitude of what he will have to deal with, or how the threat will manifest itself, which cannot yet be calculated. But he’s ready. “No one understands the end like the one who has always waited for it,” mutters the character behind the security fence, alone in the place that will become his territory.

Kindness in Small Gestures: A Silent Love Story

Frank (Murray Bartlett) does his best to escape disaster. In the source material Last of us, character – memory. In his version on the small screen, a frightened man. The one who could not survive alone in a time filled with threats and lurking nightmarish monsters.

The Last of Us video game

The plot gives Frank exceptional vitality. He clings to life with all his might. Fight as best you can and with all your resources so as not to die. But he is still just one of those many who still do not imagine the end of the world as they knew it.

Yes Last of us uses Bill to talk about what surrounds the paranoia that breeds the creepy, Frank is its opposite. Fragile in their clumsiness, the first meeting between them takes place in the garden of Lincoln’s house, turned into a fortified area. History builds it initial conversation between two wildcardsin a strange reflection of the world that survives.

Both of them know that they are isolated among the infected, which increase in number and gluttony. In the same way, they realize that the loneliness that tragedy breeds is a bond. The complicity between them will not be the complicity of two equals, let alone direct romantic love or attraction, but the complicity of isolation.

Man’s footprint in a shattered world Last of us

The Last of Us, HBO Max

Despite this, gradually humanity takes over. If the narrative conceived by Neil Druckmann hinted at a larger story for the duo of characters, then the series Last of us study it carefully. But not because of the urgency of love or a desire that cannot be contained. In fact, Bill and Frank are united by the chilling realization that they are the last. About the city in which they live, about those who surround it. The only living creatures among the corpses of men and women scattered across the field outside the property they are on. With a delicacy that strikes and touches, Last of us narrates about the exceptional sorrows of time and a feeling born of hopelessness.

Then there will be the fullness of life “with someone who should care and protect,” as Bill repeats several times, even simple intimacy. Time runs. Three, ten years. Third chapter Last of us it shows the maturity of an experience that is far more idiosyncratic than passion and more powerful than the need for company.

In the background is a window overlooking an empty garden. Through it, you can see the infected moving from one side of the electrified security fence to the other, like ghosts from a dead world. Days go by. Conclusion devours, corrodes, and also, in its own way, devastates.

Every story has an end, even if there is no one to tell it to.


Last of us uses the relationship between Bill and Frank as a metaphor for all hypothetical stories that have taken place over the course of two decades. The global debacle is omitted and the focus of the episode is on two men. In an unlikely couple, shattered and finally united by the grim possibility of being doomed to tragedy.

Third chapter Last of us this study without the immediate need for survival. This allows Your strongest moments are filled with silence, a simple landscape of everyday items. Gradually, Bill and Frank leave the outside world. What’s left is a nostalgic love that keeps each other sane, allowing them to understand their limitations and strengths.

Last of uslife and death

Mazin seeks to show individual fear. A well-constructed resource describing life after the disappearance of any hint of normality. What happens when there is nothing left but what is remembered, which will never be?

“We both know this is the end of what it was,” Frank mutters in the final minutes of episode three. Last of us. Bill just looks at him, and the silence between them is pure understanding. After the tragedy of losing everything, this tragic, simple and meaningful connection seems to fill the world.

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By the time Joel and Ellie arrive at the deserted house, they find only the remnants of a long, fulfilling, and oddly satisfying life. Frank decided to break up on his own terms. Farewell to empty tables and the last supper. For Bill, it was the realization that, no matter what, the apocalypse still held some stories worth listening to. Perhaps the most difficult and touching moment of an atypical chapter.

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