During the weekend Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness became the focus of Marvel fans. The film, which surprised with its darkness and strange approach to heroism, caused controversy for various reasons. From his version of Wanda, questions about the origins of Chavez’s America, to moments of humor. Sam Raimi’s work seemed to provoke widespread controversy on a variety of topics. But one in particular has been a subject of particular curiosity for fans of the House of Ideas film franchise. Who is Clea, the character that appears in one of the film’s post-credits scenes?

It was an unexpected appearance that confused the audience. The first post-credits scene shows Strange surviving the events of the film. He is walking down the street when suddenly a woman in a purple suit, played by Charlize Theron, appears from the portal. The character accuses Strange of an invasion – a collision of two universes – and He encourages you to accompany him to avoid disaster.. With his newly acquired third eye wide open, Strange agrees to follow the woman. Also, facing what is on the other side of the portal a few meters away.

During the scene, the character does not reveal either his name or his origin. But in the end credits, you can read that Theron plays an old acquaintance of Marvel fans. It’s about Clea enigmatic figure deeply connected to Strange. And also, without a doubt, one of the most interesting additions to the ever-growing Marvel Universe. This is not just a Sorceress from a dark dimension. In addition, she plays an important role in the life of a master of the mystical arts. And if that wasn’t enough, in the comic, she takes on the mantle of Sorceress Supreme. So the arrival of Clio is not easy good news for the Doctor Strange sub-franchise. This is also for future events and possible exploration of all the developments related to the world of magic in Marvel.

wonderful woman

Clea first appeared in the comics world in Weird Tales #126 1964, signed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. According to his origin story, the character Faltin: An extra-dimensional being of a magical nature.. But the most disturbing detail that defines her is that she comes from a dark dimension. In fact, Clea meets Strange when he faces Dormammu in one of his already classic battles. Curiously, Clea is the latter’s niece, making her Strange’s natural enemy. However, the relationship between the two characters is more complex, strange, and ultimately emotional than one might think. Which gives a lot of meaning to the character’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This feature makes Clea the link between several important elements of the Sorcerer Supreme’s story. Also, the dark end of the power of the mystic arts master. Being an independent powerful being, Clea is one of the most mysterious Marvel creatures.. It is also one of those that supports the mythology and its scope in several different dimensions. Due to her nature, Clea possesses significant powers, including superhuman strength, telepathy, and the ability to control the minds of other beings. As if that wasn’t enough, Clea also possesses knowledge and extraordinary magical abilities, ranging from creating illusions to creating objects at will. In general, in comics Clea is a reflection – sometimes stronger – of Strange.. On several occasions, he has shown that he can mimic their spells and even enhance them.

With these possibilities Clea is also one of the most powerful characters in the magical Marvel Universe.. So much so that his abilities are only comparable to Strange at their highest point of power. So do other extra-dimensional beings such as his father Umar, King of the Dark Dimension. Clio’s duality – often compared to Wanda Maximoff’s uncanny duality – makes her unpredictable and sometimes intimidating. But at the end of the day, it’s also an edge that adds depth to Strange’s struggles and the universe around him.

Love story

As Clea’s character grew in importance, so did her connection to Strange. After an accidental alliance to defeat the great powers of the Dark Dimension, the pair end up falling in love. Just then, Clea arrives in New York with Strange to train with him at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Then, Clea and Strange marry and become one of the most powerful couples in the Marvel Universe.. This is despite Clea returning to the Dark Dimension to confront her father and become a Dark Sorceress in a dangerous region of space.

But after the exile of her father and the restoration of the dimension under her rule, Clea returns to Earth – 616 along with Strange. Finally, and after the death of the High Warlock, he takes his place among the sorcerers of the earth. Ironically, the story between Strange and Clea is as tragic as it is significant. And this is one of the first films to show the evolution of romantic relationships in the midst of the Marvel world since its inception. Will Strange’s wedding be the first we see onscreen between two superheroes?

Clea and her future at Marvel

Clea’s presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no coincidence. In essence, this coincides with the evolution of both characters in the comic. Once partially corrupted by the Darkhold, A strange creature between good and evil. Something that also defined Clea for most of her history in the comic book world.

With knowledge of the Dark Dimension, strength and magical abilities, Clea will become an important ally in the coming interverse war. Or it is indicated by the fact that his character appears in similar conditions in relation to the Supreme Magus. Whatever the answer, one thing is clear: having the character played by an actress like Charlize Theron matters a lot. The cameo is actually a brief introduction to something that will no doubt be of great importance in the future.

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