Marvel already has a start date for filming fantastic Four. Matt Shekman, who took over the project after Jon Watts stepped off the ship, said the film will begin filming in early 2024. Wrapperthe director confessed his love for Marvel and the resemblance of the new Reed Richards film to his previous work.

Until a few months ago, Shakman was associated with Star Trekwhere he will be responsible for the sequel Star Trek: Beyond. The director has been working with JJ Abrams for over a year on the highly anticipated film that will bring back the Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto duo. However, when the opportunity arose to head a new reload from fantastic FourMatt Shakman did not hesitate for a long time and agreed.

The director spoke about similarities between fantastic Four And WandaVisionoriginal Disney Plus series for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award.

It’s really a family and the opportunity to come back and do what I really love, and they are very similar in some ways – they were both launched in the 60s at the same time, they are both full of optimism and look to the future. stars and technology can solve everything. And this also applies to the family: the family that you have, the family that you create.

fantastic Four Filming will begin in early 2024 with an expectation of a premiere a year later. The film, originally slated for a November 2024 release, has fallen victim to Marvel delays along with three other high-profile projects: Blade, Deadpool 3 And Avengers: Secret Wars. The latest rumors indicate that the superhero group will debut in Deadpool 3though not in the way many expect.

fantastic Four there will be a new opportunity in the cinema

Without a doubt fantastic Four This is one of the franchises with less luck in cinema.. To date, director Reed Richards has four adaptations for the big screen, though one of them never made it to the mark as it was canceled a few months after it premiered. The most memorable, without a doubt, is the one from 2005. with a young Chris Evans (Captain America) as Johnny Storm.

although the tape It’s not up to the latest productionss, he was able to raise enough money to secure a sequel. Unfortunately, Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer he was not lucky at the box office, and in the end he buried all plans for the future. Fox made a third attempt in 2015, but critics and audiences scolded reload to the point where the producer never wanted to know more.

Times are different, and although recent Marvel Studios projects are disappointingfans hope for fantastic Four. The work is not easy, although the presence of Matt Shakman gives us confidence. WandaVision is one of the best adaptations in this TV format in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and on top of that, the director has directed other interesting projects such as boys, succession and one of the most impressive chapters Game of Thrones

fantastic Four will be released in cinemas worldwide on February 14, 2025.. As of today, the cast is unknown, although it is confirmed that John Krasinski will not play Reed Richards, as many of us would like.

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