James Cameron He has been on the cutting edge for months in terms of media coverage. During this period, two of his most ambitious projects hit the big screen, and the director takes the liberty of sharing ideas and reflections on his creative processes and business decisions. Bye Avatar: Water Sense keep adding sold tickets and titanic reissued, the director had the opportunity to refer to another one of his famous sagas: Terminator (Destroyer).

If it were a question of flying over the works of James Cameron, the titles mentioned above would have to count in most analyses. When Avatar (2009) and Avatar: Water Sense (2022) for his influence on technological development. Bye, Terminator is one of the best sci-fi works in modern cinema, spawning a current saga, and titanic It is a story created in the collective imagination of different generations.

In order to reconsider some aspects of his career, James Cameron consulted a startling detail from the second part of the novel. Terminator: Judgment Day. Which? The turn that the story of the protagonist has undergone.

James Cameron, Terminator: Judgment Day
and key revelation

through marketing designed for position Terminator: Judgment Day it was exhibited that the T-800, this machine was interpreted Arnold Schwarzenegger, will become the hero of the story in the second part. Important in this aspect is that in the first film he was a villain. So why expose this change in this way?

During a meeting organized Empire With the help of various creatives from the film industry, James Cameron contextualized the solution:

“The incident you mention (revealing the turn of the story in the campaign marketing) there was no fight. The guys from Carolco (production company), Mario Kassar and Andy Vayna, were my good partners on the set. terminator 2 and I ran the area marketingincluding showing Arnold as a nice guy.”

James Cameron, director Empire

To this he added the following:

“It wasn’t some kind of turnaround. Sixth Sense which only happens when the movie ends. He turns out to be the Protector at the end Terminator. I feel that when you lead and present a project, you do so with the strongest story element to sell a film.

James Cameron, director Empire

The meaning of the consequences

The goal was to further intrigue the audience by raising the question of why the villain from the first film was the hero in the second. James Cameron commented on this:

“I thought that our potential audience would be more attracted to how the coolest killing machine can become a hero, and not just another killing fest in the same vein as in the first film. Sequels must strike a delicate balance between respecting the most beloved elements of the first film, but also promising to really shake things up and turn them upside down.. our campaign marketing For terminator 2 It was exactly that promise, and it worked.”

James Cameron, director Empire

Franchise Terminator It consists of the following productions:

  • Terminator (1984).
  • Terminator: Judgment Day (1991).
  • Terminator: Rise of the Machines (2003).
  • Terminator Salvation (2009).
  • Terminator Genisys (2015).
  • Terminator: Dark Fate (2019).
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (in television format).

The character is a reference to contemporary pop culture. In particular, for James Cameron, the first part was one of his main bets as a director. After some time, the project turned into a diverse franchise, remembered by many.

Source: Hiper Textual

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