Why just play Wordle or just Flappy Bird when you can do both at the same time? It may sound crazy considering the two games are completely different, but together they have a special meaning and make the popular puzzle game even more fun. Proof of it flapping bird.

This stranger crossover, we repeat, combines both games in a very peculiar way. They work virtually simultaneously, because. The goal is to complete the Wordle words, but at a pace that allows Flappy Bird to fly.. This way, every time you click on one of the letters, the bird will fly. If you keep thinking about how to make a word, it will fall on the ground or on the pipe and you will lose the game.

In the moments before writing this article, I took the liberty of playing a couple of games to test the difficulty of Flappy Birdle. I must say that it is very difficult to finish a word without the bird falling and hitting the pipe. difficult even easy mode activation, which allows the bird to dodge pipes and therefore ends the game only when the bird hits the ground. Luckily, this weird mix of Wordle and Flappy Bird also works with words or letters that aren’t on the board. Also, there are no words per day, so we can play as many times as we want.

Flappy Birdle is not the only alternative version of Wordle.

Interestingly, this is not the only modification of Wordle. Even Taylor Swift fans have their own puzzle: Taylordle, and whose purpose is very similar. Every day, a five-letter word is generated that appears in some of the more than 200 songs the artist has. Sure, it’s the same or more complex than the regular Wordle, but not as complex as the new Flappy Birdle.

Now why are there so many Wordle mods if the original game was purchased The newspaper “New York Times? Both Taylordle and Flappy Birdle appear to be modifications created by through the free version of the game. In fact, anyone can create their own Wordle by following these steps.

Source: Hiper Textual

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