The awards season is also an occasion for actors and directors to meet at various organized events. One of the last crosses took place between Tom Cruise And Steven Spielberg. It was during the Oscars dinner. The greeting between them became a picturesque compliment to the actor on the part of the director.

Words Steven Spielberg were as follows:

You saved a Hollywood ass and maybe a theatrical release. Oh really. Maverick (meaning Top Shooter: Maverick) could keep the experience in theaters”,

Steven Spielberg.

This comment came after both of them hugged each other for a few moments when they met. These are two key names in the modern film industry, and eventually in the entire history of the seventh art. Two people who even have work projects in common.

Why does Steven Spielberg think so? Top Shooter: Maverick saved the film industry?

Top Shooter: Maverick It premiered on May 26, 2022 after several reschedulings on the film’s poster. What was the reason for this? Tom Cruise obsession movie has not been released on video streaming platforms. This intention was more than a whim.

In connection with the pandemic for COVID-19, film experience was due to at least two years. Hundreds of cinemas around the world have closed. The habit of going to the cinema and choosing a movie has gradually transformed into several options within various video streaming services.

This bet made logical sense: research had to somehow recoup some of the investment they had put into various projects. Through subscriptions on their platforms, perhaps they could get some benefit in the short to medium term. The clearest example of this was Disney+, the space in which the company launched some of its most ambitious projects.

Somehow, this reaction led to a change in part of the consumer habit. Film premieres are no longer in cinemas, but at home.. Experience ceased to be a collective act and became much more individual.

Tom Cruise spoke out against this context when it came to the premiere Top Shooter: Maverickcontinuation the best weapon.

Boom Top Shooter: Maverick

When Steven Spielberg said, “You saved Hollywood’s ass…” he mentioned, among other things, the compilation Top Shooter: Maverick. It is estimated to be around $1.5 billion.. But he is not alone in this huge amount of money. The film, full of references to the first part and with a similar formula, refreshed part of this narrative and generated a valuable collective cinematic experience.

Suddenly the audience, accustomed to stopping the play or watching it alone, found themselves surrounded by people who also enjoyed the performance, which would not have been the same outside the cinema. On average, after two years, during which these slots were empty, and then gradually filled with releases such as Spiderman: No Way Home, Top Shooter: Maverick it completely revived this idea of ​​collective entertainment.

Tom Cruise reacted to Spielberg’s comment with a gesture that could be interpreted as shyness or shame before the phrase; perhaps the actor even thought it was an exaggeration. However, it doesn’t look like it. Top Shooter: Maverick nominated for an Oscar in the categoryBest movie“.

Source: Hiper Textual

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