There is a new trailer John Wick 4. One of the most important franchises in action movies continues to expand. After a start that had some doubts, back in 2015, a story involving Keanu Reeves It is currently a benchmark in many ways, both cinematic and commercial.

John Wick 4 will hit theaters in a completely different context than the first part. This production passed with little to no acclaim, perhaps initially noticed by the protagonist’s most die-hard followers. However, this new part currently represents one of the most anticipated projects of 2023.

To a large extent, the above has to do with how history has developed. The John Wick franchise knows what kind of experience it wants to evoke in the viewer, and it lives up to it. It’s not so much about plausibility, but about the correct construction of a compact narrative universe. Part of this, given the new preview, will continue to be developed in John Wick 4.

New trailer for John Wick 4

John Wick seeks freedom. After years of killing people and a retirement interrupted by the murder of his dog, the protagonist of this story returns to his main goal: to find peace of mind without imagining his death.


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