One of the most surprising news that the entertainment world left us in 2022 was, without a doubt, the departure of Henry Cavill from Witcher. However, Netflix, realizing the importance of this series in its catalog, quickly searched and found a replacement: Liam Hemsworth. While the service has not yet officially shown us what he looks like as Geralt of Rivia, this deepfake he took it upon himself to imagine it.

deepfakesIn recent years, they have become a trend on the Internet. In addition, this is another demonstration of how much artificial intelligence has evolved in a short period of time. So youtube channel StriderHD was tasked with replacing Henry Cavill’s face with that of Liam Hemsworth in Witcher.

From a technical point of view, the result is amazing; although we have seen deepfakes even more impressive. The problem is, we’re so used to seeing and hearing Henry Cavill as Geral de Rivia that Hemsworth inclusion, with or without deepfakewe find it strange. Some will even find it hard to bear when it becomes a reality. You can see the result below:

YouTube video

Witcher Henry Cavill ended

Departure of Henry Cavill Witcher it was real drama. Apparently, he had some creative differences with those responsible for the production, and this was the main reason for his separation. The actor, like many fans, felt that the series began to depart significantly from the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski.. The aforementioned, in fact, would have been even more prominent in the third season, which is yet to be released.

However, we must not forget that the news came shortly after Henry Cavill’s return as Superman was announced. Although the aforementioned hinted that his departure from Witcher It was not related to this topic, time prompts us to think otherwise.

Unfortunately for Henry Cavill, his dream of wearing Superman’s iconic red cape again has not come true. James Gunn showed up unexpectedly at DC Studios with Peter Safran and they decided it was time to restructure the production company. However, the new strategy did not include Cavill’s involvement.

One of James Gunn’s first claims was to confirm that there will be a new superman movieSuperman’s legacy– but with a different actor. The idea is to create a story that shows Clark Kent’s early days as a superhero, and Cavill didn’t fit that profile.

Of course, according to James Gunn, no one in D.C. fired Henry Cavill, they just never offered him a formal deal to complete his comeback. “We didn’t fire Henry. He was never abandoned [de Superman Legacy]. I like Henry, he’s a great guy. I think that many people are deceiving you, including the old mode of this company. But this Superman [el de la nueva película]for various reasons, it’s not for Henry,” the manager said.

Third season Witcher It will come out sometime this year.

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