Google has started revamping Gboard, the default keyboard for many Android devices. In tests by some beta users, shortcut bar got new features that increase usability in daily life.

The update, which is used to customize the buttons, replaces the three-dot quick access menu icon in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Now there is a four square icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard to perform the same action.

Gboard’s new quick access menu includes emoji and language selection buttons, options that did not exist before. The user can then tap to drag the icons, rearrange them, and choose which ones to display when opening the keyboard.

The innovation gives users more freedom, who can add up to six shortcuts to the toolbar or make it “thinner”.. You can also replace the voice call icon with another shortcut option that is more useful for the contact.

The new Gboard (right) has more shortcut options.

The Gboard update also renamed the “Advanced” menu to “Privacy”. In this area, as before, users will find options regarding Google’s data collection.

Update for beta users only

According to Android Police, Gboard beta update ( is available on a limited access server. Those interested in testing the new Android keyboard should head over to the Gboard beta channel on the Play Store and request participation.

It is worth remembering that the software may present instabilities and bugs as it is a beta version. It is important to pay attention to this, as there are details that can disrupt the usability of an important tool on Android devices.

Source: Tec Mundo

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