Final episode of the second season The Mandalorian surprised us with the appearance of a young Luke Skywalker, who, after a brief conversation with Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), took Grog for Jedi training.

The season finale also showed the main character taking off his helmet for the first time in front of Grog. Thus violating the orthodox doctrine of the Mandalorians. We saw it all in December 2020 and it pointed to another third season with changes to the core of the series based on the dynamic between these two characters.

But those who saw the trailer for the third season The Mandalorian You will be surprised to know that nothing has changed. Both characters are back together. It’s like the events of the season 2 finale never happened. What is this twisted plot? – The writers of the series care little about coherence?

No. The problem is that you didn’t see Boba Fett book. Hespin off? or… a series originating from the same Star Wars universe? or 2.5 season The Mandalorian – It’s not really clear to us – which was released in January 2022. It tells the story of a bounty hunter played by Temuera Morrison alongside Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen).

But the fifth and sixth series Boba Fett book, suddenly reveals without warning what is going on with Grog and Dean Djarin. In fact, these are probably the two best episodes of the mini? row. It’s like after broadcasting four chapters they realized that the audience didn’t respond to Boba Fett and decided to go back to what’s Lucasfilm’s big moneymaker today, our favorite Mandalorian.

From a storytelling standpoint, this makes sense because Dean Djarin’s involvement becomes a pivotal moment at the end of the season. Boba Fett book. But what happens to both characters makes a huge difference after the show’s second season ends. The Mandalorian. In fact, this is so important that without seeing them, you will not understand anything that happens at the beginning of the third season of the series.

What’s going on with Mando and Grog in Boba Fett book?

In the fifth episode Boba Fett book Din Djarin reunites with Mandalorian armory and Paz Vizsla, who inspect the dark saber. She explains that whoever has this weapon can rule. Mandalorian. There, he reveals that he broke the code by removing his helmet, causing him to be rejected from his tribe for being able to.

The only way to redeem himself, he explains, is to return to his home planet and take a dip in the “living waters beneath the mines of Mandalore.” The problem is that the planet has been reduced to rubble by the Empire.

He then travels to Tatooine, where Peli Motto restores the Naboo N-1 (which we first saw in episode i). Upon his return, Fenech Shand asks him for help, he agrees, but first he must visit a friend. Actually, at the time, we thought this episode should have been in The Mandalorian and not in Boba Fett book.

Then, in the sixth episode Boba Fett book, Din Djarin attempts to visit Grog on Ossus, the planet where he trains with Luke Skywalker. After seeing R2-D2, Ahsoka Tano convinces Mando that a reunion is not a good idea.

But Din Djarin leaves him a gift: a metal mail armor made from the beskar of his spear. Skywalker later forces him to choose Grog. A gift – and a return to Mando – or Yoda’s lightsaber and the continuation of his training.

Grog naturally chooses Din Djarin’s gift and returns to him via interstellar flight with R2-D2 at the controls. All this happens at the beginning of the seventh episode. Boba Fett bookwhich is the end of the series.

Naturally, all this is the key to the third season. The Mandalorian

And Dean Djarin’s reunion with Grogu, the main reason he should return to Mandalore, are two key points for the development of the third season. The Mandalorian. But they are explained in another series. Confusing.

Not to mention why Mando is now traveling through space in the ship we last saw in episode iwith Anakin Skywalker on board.

But these are creative solutions. lucasfilm And John Favreaucreator The Mandalorian And Boba Fett book. Apparently, the study estimates that the majority of people who watched one series watched the other. Not necessarily so. The first one was a huge success, while the second one was a bit of a disappointment. Although not as much as many of us think.

Maybe before the start of the first episode of the third season The Mandalorian there is a summary of events that puts into context an audience that has not seen Boba Fett book. And if you need to freshen up even more before choosing a series, this is all you need to know.

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