We’ve been talking about the new one for a while RTX 4090 from NVIDIAthat were specifically investigated by a report from the well-known leaker kopite7kimiwhich, as described on the pages of GizChina, had the opportunity to discuss the new devices.

The new information about the potential of RTX 4090 arrive according to what was stated by 3DMark Time Spy Extremewhere the device would get one score around 19,000. The number alone may not be very clear, but if you compare it to NVIDIA’s current flagship, the RTX3090we realize how the figure in question is nothing short of astonishing.

As for the Asus model of the jewel in question, we have a score of 9.733certainly excellent, but on this point it would without a doubt have been surpassed by the new flagship.

It should be emphasized that this is unconfirmed information at the moment and, consequently, we do not know if and when the company will investigate the matter, talking about the new models and their actual technical specifications. However, it looks like it will only take a few more months to learn more about the RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace.

Source: Lega Nerd

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