In a matter of moments, a figure Will Smith He went from heaven to hell during the last Oscars. Actor as a reaction to a comedian’s joke Chris Rock, went up to the stage and gave him a slap in the face. The action took Rock by surprise and shocked the life of Smith, who has since kept aloof from various events until he reappeared in African American Film Critics Association Awards (AAFCA) 2023.

Will Smith was recognized at the ceremony with lighthouse reward for his work in Emancipationwith the address of Antoine Fuqua. The film director accompanied the translator during the gala concert, he even took the stage when the winner was announced. As part of his speech, the actor said the following:

“I want to thank the AAFCA, all of you in this room for your work, for keeping our stories alive. I want to thank Apple because first the budget was one and then another. Mansana never blinked. It was the first time I heard the studio say that story is more important than cost. They make iPhones. They can do it.”

Will Smith.

Return of Will Smith

After what happened during the last Oscars ceremony, the actor voluntarily isolated himself. He was rarely seen at public events. His acting career was on hiatus until he started promoting Emancipation. In statements given DeadlineBefore receiving the Lighthouse Award, Will Smith said:

“It’s like a comeback. It’s a different atmosphere. I’m very happy to be with the same people again.”

Will Smith.

In February of this year, the actor announced that there would be a fourth part bad Boys, the franchise with which he achieved his greatest fame. In it, he will again take the stage with Martin Lawrencean interpreter who has accompanied him since the first production, released in 1995. The other two were released in 2003 and 2020.

What happened at the Oscars

Will Smith arrived at the 2022 Oscars as one of the big favorites to win the Best Actor category. His performance in King Richard: The Winning Family He was noted by critics and viewers. The actor, linked several times to this confession, seemed to have the best night of his life. However, although he did win the statuette, it may have been one of his bitterest days.

What’s happened? Comedian Chris Rock, an animation specialist for such events, mentioned the alopecia of Jada Pinkett, Will Smith’s wife.. At first, the actor took the comment with a smile until he saw the reaction of his companion. He then went on stage, slapped Rock and left, telling him not to mention her again.

It was assumed that this was part of the event, until it became obvious from the faces of the participants that this was not the case. This led to a flood of reactions on social media and rivers of ink used to reflect and comment on each other’s behavior. A gap in all this discussion, perhaps the least open, has been related to the fight that Jada Pinkett is leading to make female alopecia visible.

During the performance of the winner in the nomination “Best Actor”Will Smith has not apologized for what happened. The most frequently repeated word was “protect”, which could be interpreted as an excuse.. However, after all this scandal, which even mentioned the possibility of withdrawing the award, Will Smith nevertheless issued a public apology, both to the Academy and to those who felt injured. April 8, 2022 Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the translator would be banned from entering the Oscars for the next ten years.

Source: Hiper Textual

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