Ellie managed to save a life Joelbut still must face uncertainty about his recovery. And again the series Last of us, from HBO and available on HBO Max, chooses to show scenes of destruction from emotional depth. The teenager, whose context was detailed in the previous episode showing the origin of her power, struggles to cope with loneliness and fear.

He does it self-sufficiently, as his orphanhood and the harsh reality he grew up in taught him. During the opening scenes of the penultimate chapter Last of us explore again in the idea of ​​those who were born outside the walls of Phaedra. Of hardened young people who can do nothing, but follow them in any circumstances.

Near the house where Joel lies, Ellie hunt, watch and watch. In silence, along with the snow, he turned into an endless and lonely wasteland, but he frightened with his helplessness, which contrasts with the determination of character, tempered in everyday violence. The plot is based on its characters and the many nuances they show. In particular, he seeks to understand their most vulnerable traits and embrace what defines them in the midst of an increasingly dangerous and potentially deadly journey.

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Threat in Last of us hides among those who stretch out their hands

But in the last episode Last of us This is also chosen to reflect that not all survivor stories are sublime or dramatic. In a creepy twist, it also explores the evils of a devastated culture without rules. What ideas survive in the midst of total catastrophe? Gradually, the series follows totalitarianism trying to salvage the ruins and subversion facing the fist of oppression. Even in a place like Jackson, isolated and far from both.

The sixth chapter of The Last of Us

In this case, monster masquerading as faith. About the need to cling to unfulfilled hope after two decades of devastation. All Ellie knows is the apocalypse and its aftermath. But for those who have managed to avoid death by contagion, the world is a memory that can become destructive. Beyond the perfect excuse for doing the worst.

Think about who you trust

So far, history has focused his interest on survival. Whether it’s showing life within the forty zones or short stories like the one about Nick And Frank. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann’s ability to tell the apocalypse without resorting to irrationality is touching. However, the production never forgets that the limits of cruelty in a world in ruins are blurred, often by deadly traps. The lesson that this chapter Last of us analyzes with chilling severity.

Director Ali Abbasi turns winter and long expanses of snow into a stage for deception. The camera becomes a careful observer of the menacing calm. What is hidden between the petrified trees and the radiant whiteness? The question is repeated against the background of the story as a tense subtext. space dwarf EllieThey show their frustration. In this case, Craig Mazin’s script focuses on distrust.

The Last of Us Chapter 6

Little by little, he builds up a suffocating atmosphere, a feeling that every wrong step leads to death. Something that comes through in her way of narrating the confusing decisions a teenager makes. It’s no longer about the girl that Joel protects and guides, a little hope among the ruins, but about the sacrifice. The nuance that makes this chapter Last of us series of human horrors.

When a character stumbles upon a group of strangers, the turmoil of fear forces him to make a decision. In Jackson Maria He has already warned you of betrayal. The risk they pose and the door they leave open for all kinds of violence, even worse than the bite of a contagion. Ellieafter weeks of isolation and convinced that the real monsters are those who are born from cordyceps, trust. Which leads her to perhaps the worst situation of her life.

Man as an executioner Last of us

If the eighth episode Last of us is that society will always find a way to show its most perverted side. Although he also thinks carefully about how a person can become his own worst enemy.

Ellie he will witness the dark opposite of everything he has known so far. Beyond the military order in which he grew up, angry mobs Kansas City and serenity jackson, there are other places. Like this hut, in which a group of survivors has absolute power over its inhabitants, hostages of a twisted and sick faith.

The girl will have to fight for her life. But, at the same time, for the integrity of his body, a dilemma that has never been put before him until now. The cruelty of submission, violence and destruction on the part of those who greeted her with smiles and urged her to stay with them.

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When Joel comes to your aid Ellie it’s not the same. He understands it this way, and the argument Last of us shows him in a heartbreaking scene that is taken straight from a video game. In that live action, suffering results in a long embrace between the helpless. Finally, take a look at the house that is burning in the middle of the desert plain. One last stop before moving on to the promise of healing and the possibility of a world other than the one that is falling apart around you.

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