HeadHunter added the option to record a video about the applicant on the resume, the company said. The site believes this will allow users to introduce themselves even before being invited to an interview, stand out from other candidates, and tell the employer about their skills.

HeadHunter added the option to record a video about yourself for a resume

It is proposed to pre-record a video presentation and attach it to a text resume. It is noted that the video is just an additional tool for self-introduction, but not an alternative to a regular resume.

hh.ru is pleased with the first results. “We reviewed all the videos that have already appeared on the applicants’ profiles and noted that the quality of the recorded videos greatly exceeded our expectations. People of various professions, from couriers to financial managers, approach the problem responsibly and creatively. They record videos in which they talk about themselves and their abilities,” said product manager Nikita Eskov.

Registered users with an updated app on iOS and Android can now add a video; So far, this feature only works for the app, and the length of the video cannot exceed one minute.

The video can be edited after uploading, deleting or uploading another.

The hh.ru survey showed that 57.7% are interested in video submissions of applicants, only 16.8% said that this form does not suit them.


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