If something is different Ted Lasso in the previous two seasons, it was his optimism, good intentions and big heart. But in particular, focus the interest of your plot on the honesty of your characters. For this reason betrayal Nate (Nick Mohammed) turning against AFC Richmond and train Westham surprised. The closing of the previous installment meant that the end of the series would have to face a possible violation of its central argument.

However, new episodes of history Ted Lasso they are more interested in making it clear that Ted (Jason Sudeikis) continues to strive to be an optimist. Back at the head of the team, his intentions are clear. Beat. It does not matter that the enemy has a familiar face and that it is also a symbol of their fears. Something that has been explored in detail in previous chapters and in the most recent ones is a background that is still threatening. The coach has to overcome his lowest point and move to new horizons.

Everything, even though AFC Richmond He is already considered a notorious loser. The series is very serious about pointing out that the team has little or no chance of winning. Something that the story did before, but now has a certain kind of ending. Clearly, writers Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis himself want to give Ted Lasso a touch of epic glory. Feeling that the coming challenge will be all or nothing which is usually part of key moments in sports dramas.

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Ted Lasso

The third season of Ted Lasso restores the optimism of the first, but evolves little in the early episodes. With the main character looking to win a championship with a team that has a lot to lose, there’s nothing to add to the production’s familiar premise. However, the script retains all the optimistic and naive joy that made it famous. The story is coming to an end and there are still many questions to be answered. Can the series do it? This is the biggest unknown that awaits us before the return to the Apple TV + screen of one of the most iconic series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ted Lassogreat ending to a lovely series

But in Ted Lasso there’s nothing so direct, and that’s one of the things the show appreciates. Before drawing a conclusion, the protagonist must first replenish his spirit. Also fight annoying persistence Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), obsessed with the idea of ​​ending her ex-husband. In addition, the series should turn the confrontation between two bitter rivals into an epic presentation of the good and bad reasons for making important decisions.

Previously, the central theme of the dispute was the problem of faith and the will to do good deeds versus a practical conception of the world. Now the premise is more subtle and better worked out. Ted Lasso You must find a way to lead your team to overcome its weaknesses and limitations.

Although you should also change your own. A well-told moment, last season he dedicated himself to exploring his insecurities, panic and fear issues. So now Ted’s goal is to surpass them not only on the field, but also in his personal life.

In the first four episodes of the last season Ted Lasso returns to the question of what triumph consists of. Are they decisions of strategic origin, such as including an attacker? Zava (Maximilian Osinsky)? Is it about trusting the abilities of an underestimated team and overcoming doubts about their abilities?

The answer is not clear and it is obvious that the story will be based on a stunning climax. But beyond that, what’s of great interest is how the script restores a sense of casual and almost domestic heroism. The really important thing is in the little things, the heroes repeat. Also along the way, each of them begins a slow journey to reunite with their best personal virtues.

More ambitious, but with some drawbacks

New in the new part Ted Lasso is that, in addition to building a narrative that is clearly nearing its end, the series is reformulating its premise. With one-hour chapters, the plot is faced with a change in the pace of dialogue, scenes, and ways of resolving conflicts. Can you solve it?

In the first two episodes of the third season Ted Lasso shows some awkwardness. There are unfinished endings that end up as plot twists that are not immediately resolved with skill. It is unknown what happens between Roy (Brett Goldstein) and Kili (Juno Temple) and does not delve into melancholy Ted. This last element was of great importance in the previous part and returns to the current one without any evolution in its analysis. Do I need to show the character’s panic about the future again?

At the same time, the story tells of life – and apparent maturity – Jamie (Phil Dunster), beyond his identity as an annoying local hero. Even for the restaurant Sam (Tohib Jimo). All the while, the coach continues to worry about his abilities and his ability to lead the team to victory.

Surprises that Ted Lasso is about to be revealed

Perhaps what is missing in the third season Ted Lasso This is a real evolution of the characters or the situations they face. Something that starts to matter when the conclusion is announced is the kind of context that needs to be dealt with between chapters.

Ted Lasso It has always been a production in which all interest is focused on a well-intentioned look into the future and present. Now that he has to wrap up all of his stories in one season, he seems to have a hard time coming up with a natural ending.

Will everything be decided in a life-or-death match? Will every conflict that has arisen along the way to an almost perfect triumph be completed? The series does not immediately clarify this, but everything seems to indicate that, as always, he has more than one surprise up his sleeve. The latest game to show its ability to excite.

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