Most of the first minutes John Wick 4, filmed by Chad Stahelski, is dedicated to proving the power of the killer, played by Keanu Reeves. The script, written by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, makes it very clear that a character’s impact depends on how convincing their qualities are. So, a few opening scenes follow John – or rather, his fist – as he gets stronger and stronger. Revenge is close again, and he will meet it with that impulse that distinguishes him.

Premise John Wick 4 This is the same as the previous ones, only now brought to a much more ambitious level. The dangerous High Table must be destroyed, or at least dismantled. What makes it John Wick decide to face it directly.

He won’t do it alone – and the character’s new allies will be part of the plot – but he’s risking his life. This may seem like an obvious twist, but the risk of the killer’s death means his work will be unfinished. The need to survive in order to get revenge will be his main driver in the film.

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John Wick 4

John Wick 4 by Chad Stahelski is the longest-running of all the films in the saga and, without a doubt, the best. With a plot focused on violence, it ingeniously analyzes the consequences of the fall in rules that exist among the best assassins in the world. Which leads to a frantic journey through the great capitals of the West and East between bursts of bullets and increasingly powerful explosions. At the center of it all, John Wick is a ruthless, few-word figure who grows stronger as he survives all sorts of unlikely situations. The film offers a new scenario for future parts that are subtly voiced in the plot.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Violent conflict. John Wick 4

With a longer duration – a little over three hours – and the details of the mythology of the saga, John Wick 4 it’s a cruel sight. It’s not just about how deadly and heartless this clash between criminals can be. It also looks at how they use all the resources at their disposal. The complexity of a criminal organization is shown in the form of an interconnected network of situations. From the complicity of dozens of characters around the world, to all sorts of plans on the periphery. The High Table has never been more dangerous than on its own territory to protect itself from the onslaught of an unstoppable enemy.

There is a display of new scenarios that suggest that this mysterious society was barely shown during the saga. John Wick 4 He plays with this approach and explores everything that exists under the current legal and economic order. Suddenly, Mainland New York – a neutral center in the midst of an invisible war – overshadows the conflict. In fact, everything that was part of the context of the saga is irrelevant compared to what comes next.

What’s amazing about the film is its self-awareness of the moments that have kept the story going throughout the years. In a scene that covers John’s motives to fight back and become more deadly, the character leaves his dog behind. Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne). It may seem like a simple addition of information, but it ties the tape in with other little twists and turns that set it apart from so many other similar stories. Freed from the only emotional and moral responsibility that binds him, John Wick is now free. Not only to kill in more bloody ways, but to risk at any moment the possibility of future revenge on a large scale.

death is everywhere

Franchise John Wick He has always been innovative when it comes to learning about his characters and what makes them kill. It’s money, but it’s also part of the goal. His central figure is the largest of all, which seems to justify the breadth of the plot. John Wick 4. New York, Osaka and back to North America revenge will devastate the criminal world like a fiery wave that will reduce it to ashes. What happens is not always at the hands of John, when a vast network of criminals for hire realizes that everything that supports their world is about to collapse.

If anything distinguishes the feature film, it’s the clever way of highlighting the frenzied collapse of the sophisticated underworld at the center of the plot. One that for many years was governed by very definite boundaries. The script uses the analogy of a group of wild animals kept until it becomes impossible. From Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård) in charge of drawing the line to capture wickbefore Cain (Donnie Yen), blind and with a dark past behind him. Each character knows that the apocalypse of their world is close.

With a much more compelling narrative than previous ones, John Wick 4 lengthen your screen time and spread a wave of explosions and gunfire like an infection. His message is that war has come and no one is safe. Cinematographer Dan Laussen turns the clashes into a combination of colorful explosions and dense darkness full of sparks. especially in Osakawhen the neon glow of the city turns into a play of light, emphasizing the atmosphere of danger.

John Wick 4 it’s the visual spectacle that surrounds a good script

John Wick 4 It is a tribute to cinematography, which uses its exaggerations as a resource to establish its sense of aesthetics and rhythm. The fourteen action sequences included in the scenario range from cities to empty places. All of them are flawless and are likely to be a milestone in the action genre. Especially the big final scene, which is now destined to become a symbol of the saga.

John Wick 4

This is the end John Wick? Surviving gunfights, stabbings and fights in the club on the beat Fellini Satyricon It is hard to believe. Something that the fourth film in the franchise makes clear in its final moments. John Wick 4 It has a triumphant conclusion that strikes with its obvious insinuations. How many of the most popular hitmen in the world of cinema will there be in the future? This is yet to be seen.

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