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Netflix wants to be your new TV channel with live streams


A new phase is beginning for Netflix, and this is the recent decline in its subscribers, which will increase in the coming months if they oppose the shared accounts, combined with the consequences from the pandemic that has caused less content to be streamed. , something that affects other services as well.

And, possibly in addition to launching an ad-supported subscription later this year, Netflix may be considering adding live streaming to its offering to get a little closer to traditional TV channels.

Information developed by Deadline Only states that: they would implement live broadcasts in the future to promote programs without scripts or different special programs.. For example, we might watch reality shows, talent shows, or game show series that feature near real-time events.


MAY 2022 Premieres on Netflix

yes these programs they were almost alive because they will be broadcast to subscribers with a few seconds delay to avoid directly related issues that you never know what will happen.

This will open up the possibility of creating completely custom, scenario-free sequences to use this technology, bringing itself closer to traditional networks.

This could also bring Netflix closer to streaming live sports, but it seems that last point is not taken into account.

In any case, while Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting with live streams, it’s not a feature we’ll see in the short term, and it’ll be a few more years into its availability.

Source: Computer Hoy

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