Force‘ could be called something else. What would be one of the most important pop culture references in history if it were called something else? How would it sound in movies, TV series and animated adaptations? What would it be like to say this in everyday conversation? Well, these questions might arise if George Lucas bet on the idea he had about mythology. star Wars.

Although “The Force” was widely used in the original saga of star Wars, to later become a reference beyond cinemas, its value has always been marked by one characteristic: diversity. Every Jedi and Sith has their own idea of ​​her, beyond the possible parallels that can be drawn.

If it’s about rummaging through star Warsone of the definitions put forward by Yoda is that “Force” is the mystical energy that flows through all living things and through which life can be created.. A resource capable of shaping matter and mind at the will of a Jedi or Sith. However, the simplicity that this phrase conveys could be something more complex.

George Lucas and the specific name he wanted to give “The Force” star Wars

Like in mythology star Wars each Jedi and Sith has their own concept of “Force”, it is also used in different ways. The Jedi is a kind of medium through which she flows, manifesting from her existence in the environment and in others. The original name, which George Lucas He wanted to give him a connection with this idea.

Star Wars, The Force, George Lucas

In accordance with screen tiradethe name that George Lucas originally came up with for this resource was “The Power of Others”. The detail is framed within the logic and work of “La fuerza” in star Wars: an instrument used for service, coming from others as well as returning to them. This concept was present, according to the quoted media, in Star Wars Rebels. It was a tribute to that original idea.

¿What’s the matter then? “The power of others” has a more poetic and symbolic meaning than just “Strength”. mainly because the first definition emphasizes the importance of the third person, while the second describes it as something individual. Although, in connection with the above, in mythology star Wars It functioned as a resource that went beyond the Jedi and that the Jedi, through their philosophy, made available.

Why isn’t it said “Power of others”?

During the verification of definitions “The Power of Others” seemed very complicated. George Lucas grouped in this idea many meanings related to aspects star Wars. Its simplification was a decision designed to reduce the inconvenience and confusion of its presentation: the simpler the concept, the better.

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From this initial idea, it is interesting to rethink phrases such as “Let the force be with you“. If there is an attachment to the concept that George Lucas wanted, this proposal could also mean that the company of others can manifest itself in many ways. This is just an example of possible readings. Like everything related to star Warsthere are always multiple layers to think about.

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