Journalist Diego Guauque is being treated for sarcoma that doctors discovered in his stomach. His diagnosis forced him to undergo chemotherapy and constantly visit a medical center. In the middle of treatment, she met a little 11-year-old boy who moved her.

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Thomas Felipe “wrinkled his heart” for his stamina. The boy had leukemia two years ago, so he even gave advice to the journalist. Seventh Day to cope with the disease.

– Why do you want to survive? Wow, she asked him, as he told it on his social networks.

“Because I want to see how my 18-month-old sister grows up and become a great paleontologist,” she replied.

Admiring the way he expressed himself, the reporter described him as brave and “the owner of some words that disarm everyone because of his level of maturity”. He also shared a series of photos and videos with internet users whom he considers friends.

However, after about 35 chemotherapy treatments, Thomas’ health continued to decline. There was another therapy option but it had to be moved to Spain and it was very expensive.

He told Guauque, “We have few resources in Latin American countries. (…) This is a milder chemotherapy and I will heal with faith, God willing.”

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According to the little boy’s mother, They had to collect three billion pesos to access treatment in Europe.

“Unfortunately, Thomas resisted the chemotherapies. There is no longer a curative or bone marrow transplant treatment in Colombia,” said Natalia Vega.

Thomas died the day after his 11th birthday.. This was reported by his family via social networks, thanking the well-known people who were extremely supportive in the medical process.

“This little angel has abandoned us. He fought leukemia for two years. Rest in peace little brother,” Guauque complained when he learned of his death.

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It is a very fast growing cancer, also called B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It occurs when there is no blood cell production in the bone marrow, which instead produces lymphoblasts (a type of white blood cell), explains the United States National Library of Medicine.

“This type of leukemia usually affects children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. It is the most common cancer in childhood, but it can occur in adults as well,” explains the said entity.

To cope with bone pain, fever, pallor, among other symptoms, patients need to undergo chemotherapy to “get their blood counts back to normal”.

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