Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania It was disappointing in many ways. First, it was not a box office success, Marvel Cinematic Universe he needed to open his fifth phase. More worryingly, it didn’t live up to the studio’s creative expectations. The third adventure of the character Paul Rudd was to be responsible for showing new settings and exploring the multiverse and the villain of the next productions in the franchise. But the film was a failure for Marvel.

Peyton Reed’s feature film could hardly show the Quantum Realm without going beyond its context. The promised study of its rules, limitations and properties has become a marginal element that does not have much weight in the plot. Nor was there the presence of Kang, the conqueror.

Despite the central role of the villain played by Jonathan Majors, there were obvious contradictions in the approach to analyzing his abilities. Was it a more powerful version of the enigmatic figure? The two post-credits scenes presented as many options, but none of them indicated the path he would take. Marvel when narrating his multiverse phase. Will it be a fight against multiple versions of the dimensional traveler? Rethinking Permanent Presence Caenas detailed in the comics?

Beyond the above, Marvel’s failure is also a dangerous milestone in the hitherto successful superhero saga. With two feature films still due out this year and more than fifteen projects in production, the franchise needed creative success. One that included possible risks, such as the introduction of new heroes, teams, and plots. Maybe something happened to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania postpone or change plans Marvel in the next ten years? Everything points to yes.

Marvel’s failure reflected in schedule delay

Kang the Conqueror and his versions

There are some clear indications that Marvel’s inability to end the trilogy ant-man it is more than just a failure in a long string of successes. In March, Bob Iger announced that changes would be made to the way the franchise’s content was produced. Therefore, he announced a sharp reduction in the number of films and series that will be released in the next two years.

In various statements, Disney’s CEO has mentioned the company’s investment in its most profitable brands. But precisely because from now on the goal of production will be quality, not quantity. This includes returning to a structure that has already proven to be effective, such as the one from the first phase. Marvel Cinematic Universe. The original releases of the saga were four years apart and had a spectacular conclusion in Avengers Joss Whedon.

Problems of the new calendar

This decision will affect the franchise’s releases over the next five years. The studio, which planned to introduce at least six new characters across multiple projects in 2023, will have to rethink its strategy. What was evident in the announcement that there would be only two series per year, including the second season Loki And covert invasion. None of the productions have a specific multi-screen premiere date.


As for what’s new on the big screen, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 He will arrive in May as planned. But Miracles, announced for July, is postponed to November. There was no specific reason given for the postponement, but there were rumors that the production required additional post-production work. After the failure of Marvel, this is a clear demonstration that the franchise tries to space out its projects to avoid saturation.

But the problem goes beyond the dangerous phenomenon of fatigue in relation to the superhero genre. Marvel’s failure seems to be due to the fact that the saga has lost the ability to reinvent its formula. The amount of new content he’s created over the last five years has been just expansive, very fast paced, not very detailed, and doesn’t allow fans to grasp the new rhythm of the saga’s storytelling.

A vast array of figures, circumstances, and situations spilled over into dozens of unfinished endings that the released films have neither completed nor explored. The closing of the fourth phase and the beginning of the fifth clearly showed a failure Marvel and the creative challenges the franchise must solve in order to ensure its saga’s ambitious continuity.

Permanence of highest-grossing franchise at stake after Marvel’s failure

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania failed for Marvel.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania he disappointed in the collection, but much more so in his creative section. With a weak script and more than dubious special effects, the idea of ​​opening a new world didn’t pan out. This makes one wonder what will happen to the arguments of large projects in the short term.

stories about Blade, Hourly and its dark underside, Emptinessarrival from fantastic Four or lightning. The next characters in the franchise are in need of a strong narrative that can cover a huge amount of previous information. As well as the creative risks that take their films away from the traditional studio formula. Will Marvel take up these challenges after its failure?

The saga is going through a period of failed projects that go beyond the failure of the latest miniature Marvel superhero installment. Many of the projects that have tried to restart the saga have failed. moon knightwhich was the franchise’s first real foray into a darker, more mature locale, started out promising but lost steam as it became apparent that its plot couldn’t cover all the themes it suggested.

The same thing happened with Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, who failed to realize his idea of ​​exploring countless alternate Marvel realities. Sam Raimi’s film turned out to be an unfinished script for a failed redemption story, despite the fact that its director managed to infuse his own characteristic cliché into the plot, more sinister than any other in the franchise.

Why did Marvel fail? Ambition that lacks quality

She-Hulk: A She-Hulk lawyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternalwritten by Chloe Zhao, attempted to give the tone to an arthouse superhero film but failed. Thor: Love and Thunder wanted to repeat the success ragnarok an increase in the elements that made the latter successful. But the result is a messy combination of tone and theme in a chaotic scenario. Something similar to what happened to She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkfirst real sign of deterioration and subsequent failure Marvel. The series was criticized for poor technical and visual quality even before its premiere.

Also, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, considered the best film of the fourth phase, is obviously inferior to its predecessor. Despite a touching tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, it lacked coherence and was criticized for clumsy storytelling. Much more so when a sober script tried to tie in the arrival of new characters hastily and clumsily. The combination turned out to be superficial and not having any significance for the future.

Each of the aforementioned productions was a creative experiment that fell apart due to a simple premise or lackluster visuals. The fifth stage, the most difficult at the moment, will be a challenge that Marvel must come from an undefined starting point. How can a franchise create a multiverse if it’s still against its own rules? How will Marvel overcome a setback with staging and storytelling that seems to be repetitive from movie to movie?

Pessimistic view of the future

Victoria Alonso, president of physics, post-production, visual effects and animation at Marvel Studios, has resigned following Marvel’s failure.

On Monday, March 20, departure of Victoria Alonso, President Physics, post-production, VFX and animation at Marvel Studios. The CEO joined the company in 2005 and has produced several of the studio’s greatest hits. From Hombre de Hierro and its immediate continuation Thor And Captain America The First Avenger. His work was a milestone in the style and aesthetic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the same time, he represented a kind of evolution in the way the characters of the saga were analyzed. In his last appearance in the series Power M he turned to his work and the places he was particularly interested in. In the four-chapter documentary, he not only delved into the importance of his efforts towards representation and inclusion. It also happened in the sense that in recent years she has given importance to the role of women in the franchise.

The fact that the producer abandons future plans Marvel after his failure, this may mean a change in the formula of his stories. Specifically, a twist that comes at a difficult time for the franchise. In all likelihood, this is a new stage that poses the challenge of overcoming creative obstacles in the midst of what seems to be a fundamental transformation.

Decisions that will affect more than a decade of work

At the moment it is clear that Marvel he began to take measures that would enable him to overcome the stumbling block. With the promise of better movies and TV shows in a shorter span of time, it’s clear that the franchise is struggling to regain ground. In addition, he admits – tacitly – that he has a problem presenting projects for the coming years. But can the damage done by Marvel’s failure be repaired?

He Marvel Cinematic Universe This is the most successful modern cinema. This is a unique phenomenon of interconnected stories that updates its capabilities on the fly. However, having released 31 feature films, he must learn from his mistakes and be able to correct them.

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Something you can do if you find a way to keep your formula fresh for the new audience you need to captivate. And at the same time live up to the high expectations of its most dedicated fans. Will he get it? This is the great unknown that research is facing. The integrity of the franchise, which is now in a precarious position.

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