One of the great attributes Hell’s Obsession: Awakening, written by Lee Cronin, is his masterful use of context to scare. But if the famous Evil Dead horror trilogy, from which she hails, tells about the fear of open spaces, forests and lonely huts, then this time the scenario changes.

An old dilapidated building in Los Angeles becomes a door to hell – literally and figuratively – and another of the many entities that inhabit the film. Which allows the film to delve into completely unknown ideas and approaches to sickening horror and supernatural evil.

Despite the fact that his first scene takes place in a ruined hut next to the lake. The camera carefully observes, integrating the silent landscape with the idea of ​​permanence. Director Lee Cronin is aware of the powerful influence of Sam Raimi’s saga and remembers that the film he’s making is a sequel. Much more allegorical than direct, Hell’s Obsession: Awakening explores the same idea of ​​a monstrous element that must access the regular world through an object.

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Hell’s Obsession: Awakening

Hell’s Obsession: The Awakening by Lee Cronin is a well-told sequel to Spaniard Federico Alvarez’s The Evil Dead. It also pays homage to the terrifying universe created by Sam Raimi in the 80s and 90s. However, the plot moves from the desert forests to the city, so the meeting with the primal evil, which will wake up the doomed book with covers made of human skin, will have a much broader, more aggressive and voracious continuation. The director uses rooms, corridors and ceilings to create a claustrophobic feel. But it’s his brilliant script, which bets on nihilism with a dose of body horror and gore, that makes the film a well-executed reimagining of a classic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fear is everywhere in Hell’s Obsession: Awakening

The script chooses linear simplicity for the narrative of the events it will explore. In the connections he makes with hellish possession, Federico Alvarez, whose story continues but is not explored. What is important here is the means chosen by evil – personified as a force almost of its own accord – to manifest itself. He necronomicon it will fall into the wrong hands again. dead man they will be reincarnated. Only now they will have a new place where they can commit their atrocities.

Lee Cronin’s direction is precise, and manages to create a forest-to-city transition in scenes that emulate and do justice to the original trilogy. Nevertheless, Hell’s Obsession: Awakening it has its own personality, a slow beat that recreates anxiety like a plague that eats away walls and rooms, traverses corridors and rises up dusty corners. Where blood-soaked floors used to be death traps, they are now locked doors, cramped bathrooms and windowless kitchens.

The film moves quickly towards its central plot. To the perverse point of view that the darkness even in a big city hides monsters. As dangerous, gluttonous and hidden as the most dense forest. Gradually, the director builds parallels with the universe, which Sam Raimi carefully drawn. In the first ten minutes Hell’s Obsession: Awakening clarifies an important point. The setting changes, but the power of summoning into the darkness of the unknown is as terrible as ever.

Two victims who don’t know what they are

As in other parts of the saga, the central place in the plot is occupied by characters. They are not accessories or scapegoats for the known codes of terror. This time it’s about two sisters. Beth (Lily Sullivan), a single mother, decides to meet Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) during a particularly chaotic period in her life. Little by little, the plot is played up in terms of the fact that emotional distress is also part of what surrounds its characters.

Hell's Obsession: Awakening

Close-up shots show blurry walls covered in mold and cobwebs. Cracked floors, old furniture. In Los Angeles, there is something of quiet devastation in the gray walls of concrete and mortar that can easily collapse. Although in fact the horror is underground. When an earthquake reveals a new copy of a doomed book, Hell’s Obsession: Awakening abandon his thoughtful gaze.

And so, the old legacy of destruction, blood and grotesque leaves behind any other twist of the script. The story focuses on the spilled innards, on the passage dead man, slimy and shocking. Death is spreading everywhere, and the sisters must fight it as best they can. But they have no weapons against the enemy, which takes dozens of different forms. Message that plot Hell’s Obsession: Awakening It recurs with success in some of the most disgusting scenes in modern horror cinema.

Hell’s Obsession: Awakeninga worthy spiritual continuation of the classic horror saga

Of course, Lee Cronin pays homage to the 1980s and 1990s franchise. In the end, the two sisters managed to defeat, at the cost of pain, severed limbs and countless horrors, the evil creatures that the book summons.

But in his last scene, it becomes clear that it’s not over yet. That this piece opened the door to an ever-expanding, twisted underworld. A pleasant surprise that likely ties the film to a fruitful future in the horror genre.

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