Model SM-100

As part of the Army-2023 forum that started today, representatives of Rostec took a sample of a promising aviation complex, which received the marking SM-100.

As specified, the SM-100 has become a rather successful AI-222-25, best known for the combat training aircraft of the Yak-130 model, but it offers a twice increased resource, as well as a level increased by 20%.

In particular, the playback power was increased, the turbine and combustion chamber units were upgraded, and a modern three-stage pressure compressor was installed.

CM-100, project imageCM-100, project image

The SM-100 has rather big prospects for military use.

The development of an advanced installation is being carried out by engineers of the Salyut production complex from the USC, which, in turn, is part of Rostec. Now there are very interesting bench tests of the CM-100 turbine and compressor, as well as flight tests of the chamber. combustion.

Source: Tech Cult

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