Hollywood will consider use artificial intelligence to create movie scripts. Report Above the line Details that over the course of several weeks, studios and streaming companies have been exploring the possibility of scripting with AI, such as ChatGPT, based on books and works in the public domain. The idea of ​​integrating this technology into the workflow came at a difficult time, when the union of film and television writers began an indefinite strike.

Reliable sources told the publication that almost all studios are considering using AI for scripting. If approved, Hollywood will use apps like ChatGPT as an emergency measure to mitigate the impact of the strike. Subsequently, the writers would rewrite the script to speed up the process.

The idea is being rejected by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which is fighting to regulate the use of AI to write screenplays for movies and TV shows. John Auguste, member of the WGA negotiating committee, made it clear that the writers are not going to fix the machine.

Warren Leith, writer and executive producer Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, also disagrees with the idea of ​​fixing AI-generated scripts. Leith showed how this practice is a ploy by Hollywood to underpay writers.

Which [IA] could do is quit the confusing job. Instead of hiring you for the first draft, [los estudios] they hire you for a second draft for which they pay less. You want to nip this in the bud

Warren Lee

A few days ago, the Writers’ Union approved the use of AI as a tool and confirmed that they have no intention of banning it. WGA suggested that work done in ChatGPT and other tools will not be considered literary material or source material.. This protects the screenwriter, as AI-generated scripts won’t draw attention to the film or affect their salary.

AI is a “plagiarism machine” according to Hollywood writers.

ChatGPT with gpt-4 could do the job of Hollywood writers

Although the director Avengers: Endgame and other industry figures see a future in which AI will write interactive films, writers have a different opinion. Ellen Stutzman, chief negotiator for the WGA, said that some union members consider artificial intelligence “plagiarism machines”..

The perception is similar to that of visual artists who have sued generative artificial intelligence companies for using copyrighted works. The authors believe that the reproduction of this formula and training an artificial intelligence model on existing material would mean stealing intellectual property..

We don’t want our material to feed them, and we don’t want to fix their sloppy first drafts.

John Lee

As part of the negotiations The Writers’ Union asks to regulate the use of AI in all projects. “Artificial intelligence cannot write or rewrite literary material, cannot be used as source material, and existing scripts cannot be used to train AI,” the paper says, detailing their proposals. The move was rejected by the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which offers “annual meetings to discuss advances in technology.”

The future of AI-generated scenarios is not far off. Hollywood knows millions of dollars will be saved if only they hired writers to rewrite the content generated by ChatGPT. This strategy is already being applied in many media, affecting the work of editors and journalists.

Source: Hiper Textual

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