After months of anticipation and rumors of possible delays, Paramount+’s series about 343 Industries’ popular franchise Halo premiered this Thursday. In addition to bringing the story of “Master Chef” to the small screen in “live action”, the production made the risky decision that has remained unchanged in all video games released since 2001.

Even in Halo Infinite, the latest episode to mourn the loss of Cortana and explore the hero’s humanity, Jhon-117 (“Master Chief”) hasn’t removed the helmet from his iconic armor.

Beyond portraying him as a tough soldier, his decision not to take off his helmet and not show his face has allowed millions of fans to approach this character without any prior concept of race, gender or age. Basically anyone can be a Master Chief.

However, that premise has been broken in the new Halo lineup. You can see actor Pablo Schreiber from his introduction. while wearing armor. And although his face is not visible, the back of his head is visible when it is understood that he is a 30-40 year old male.

And although this has already surprised more than one fan of the series, it cannot be compared to the end of the first episode. Master Chief voluntarily takes off his helmet and fully reveals his face.

This caused controversy among fans, as the moment of revelation didn’t have several episodes crafted the way Pedro Pascal’s character did in Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’.

In this context, producer Kiki Wolfkill stated in an interview with Collider that this was not a target in the first place, the option was left open. But they wanted to tell the story of John, who became the man in this first season.

“It was very clear that we needed to be able to see the person in the helmet and see John outside of the armor, both emotionally and physically,” Wolfkill told Collider.

Regarding the future of the series, Paramount+ confirmed it on February 15 before the first episode aired. there will be a second season of halo. In this regard, Wolfkill told Collider that they were already working on it and that they “didn’t want to take two years” on the job.

Source: Exame

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