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This robotic vacuum cleaner is self-cleaning and has now been left on Amazon for a brutal price.


There’s an extra Amazon Prime Day on the calendar this year, and it’s already underway. It’s only two days long and ends today, so some deals won’t be available again until Black Friday, although nothing should be taken for granted.

Among the select and exclusive offers for Prime members, there is a bit of everything, although if you are one of those who find it difficult to get past the broom, there is good news: a robot vacuum cleaner from Cecotec that not only vacuums, but also washes and also empties the tank on its own. this is Konga 2290 Ultra House and for the first time it falls below 200 euros.

Its price of 199 euros will be temporarily maintained only you’d better hurry up if this seems competitive and you think it will help you keep the floor clean.

Buy it at the best price

This robot vacuum is no doubt cheap, though the price says little about how much it can bring to the home, as we saw in its full review, which left us with a good feeling overall.

The self-emptying base included in the price is usually purchased separately for other brands. Not here, and it’s also especially useful because it allows you to vacuum your house floor for weeks without worrying about anything else.

Because it has its own app, Wi-Fi, and virtual assistant compatibility, you can activate the robot wherever you are, program its ignition, and even vacuum it with voice commands.

Undoubtedly one of robotic vacuum cleaners This is one of the most competitive sectors, with brands like iRobot with Roomba or Xiaomi with its ever cheaper models. One of the promises that Cecotec always keeps is a washing machine that washes both wet and dry.


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Forget broom and mop with 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With everything we have mentioned, there are already enough arguments to bet on the Conga 2290 if you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum, although, of course, there are plenty of options on sale.

Of course, if you want to get it for the €199 we mentioned, you have to be an Amazon Prime user. If you don’t, no problem because you can sign up for a free trial month with no obligation to stay.

Almost every home already has a robot vacuum cleaner, and whoever tries it always repeats.

Source: Computer Hoy

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